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Ceo Of Ford Essay

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Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance
Effective leadership is a personal role that requires the blending of motivational, strategic and management skills to align focus, energy and drive whilst creating a culture that encourages individual thinking and attainment. Ultimately leadership is about pushing ideas and thoughts forwards, shouldering responsibility and unlocking hidden drivers and aspirations to bring out the confidence of others. Harnessing energy in a strategic way that inspires and unites a team towards achieving some common taskAn assumption underlying the study of leadership is that leaders affect organizational performance. Leaders, ...view middle of the document...

His management is crisp and authoritative, although he defers to the firm's design experts on the minutiae of the product lines. Mulally’s leadership style is relationship behavior. Hellriegel defines this style as “includes using two-way communication, listening, encouraging, involving followers in decision making and giving emotional support. (2010)
Two-way communication is important in any organization and Mulally demonstrated this by communicating to all the employees and not just upper level executives as to what, when and how the company was going to move forward. On his first day at Ford he questioned the senior leaders about a product that was no longer available and he listened to why this product was not available. He set goals and behaviors for the employees so that they would know what direction to move in. His management is crisp and authoritative, although he defers to the firm's design experts on the minutiae of the product lines. But on the big questions of the company's past mistakes and where it's headed, Mulalley made key decisions that placed Ford in good stead. As much of the competition struggles with challenges that have followed one of the worst years in the industry's history, Ford has its eyes forward. The choices that Mulally and his team have made over the last 3 and a half years are a model for how struggling automakers and their CEOs should handle adversity and do what few in the business are expected to do today.

Discuss how goal setting helped Ford improve its performance.
Organizations like Ford do not turn on a dime. The improvements we are making reflect several years of strategic focus on improving the fuel economy and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of our products. The huge increase in fuel prices during 2008 added urgency to the transformation, but the sudden collapse of those prices does not diminish it. The goals that were set for Ford were that they were expected to Communicate. Their goals have been successful mainly as the “One Ford – One Team • One Plan • One Goal.” One Ford has firmly established the principle of one global company, with One Team, working together as a lean, global...

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