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Cellular Networking Essay

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Mobile broadband pros and cons
* Take your broadband wherever you go - A mobile broadband connection is exactly that, which means that you can access your emails, check the sports results or watch YouTube videos no matter where you are, provided you have 3G reception.
* Stop paying for line rental - Millions of people continue to pay for line rental on a home phone landline that they rarely use, just so that they can get broadband at home. With mobile broadband, there's no need to pay line rental - potentially saving you over £100 a year.
* Plug and ...view middle of the document...

* Coverage - Most of the UK is covered by the 3G mobile network, but coverage can be patchy in some rural areas, with speeds significantly slower in some parts of the country, so you should always check coverage in your area before signing up.
Fixed line broadband pros and cons
* Super cheap - The spread of (LLU) has lead to ridiculously cheap broadband from some providers, and some even offer "free broadband" when you're paying for other services.
* High download allowances - Generous fair usage policies and download allowances in the region of 40GB or even 80GB a month mean you can use the internet to its full potential - downloading and streaming your favourite movies and programmes and sharing high-quality photos with friends and family.
* Faster speeds - The majority of broadband providers are now offering speeds of around 20Mb and upward, with actual speeds averaging around 8Mb and improving all the time.
* Consistent connection - Because your home broadband is connected to a fixed line, it will be more reliable than a...

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