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Cellular Manufacturing Essay

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Cellular manufacturing can be described as “a method of producing like for like products repeatedly using groups of team members and workstations, known as cells, to reduce waste and manufacturing costs across operations” (Business Dictionary). When an operation implements cellular manufacturing the ultimate goal should be a small scale, self contained production unit that resides inside the larger operation. This particular unit (or cell) has ultimate responsibility and accountability for producing a family of the same parts or the same product. ...view middle of the document...

The fast food industry has mastered the concept of cellular manufacturing and other lean operations adopted for the manufacturing sector. Lean mindset focuses on waste reduction and deceased costs, perfect for the fast food industry. Lean methodology helps to increase quality and service and when used in food industry can be used to improve customer loyalty.
When you take a look behind the counter of any fast food joint you will see cellular manufacturing at its finest. There are many stations with specific tasks, such as “burger station” or “salad station”. Each employee has mastered each task within the station and this allows for decreasing the time needed to perform that task. This makes everyone happy by shortening the amount of time we wait on the food to arrive.
Metrics that I would use for the fast food industry would be to measure brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Both of these metrics can help drive a business in front of its competitors. Metrics that I would use for the auto insurance industry would be brand recognition and demographics. Auto insurance sales would be broken down by demographic information to determine the penetration into your particular target audience.

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