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Discuss the different processes of cellular exchange, with NAMED examples.
Nucleus is at the centre of the cell, it has coded instruction that enables it to make specific protein; this is how ribosomes are made here. This is bounded by a double membrane; the cytoplasm is like material within the nucleus this is called the nucleplasm (Rowland, as biology, 2008). The nucleus stores, replicates and decodes DNA. , which gives each cell it unique characteristics; this means liver cells are is different from muscle cell and is different from a fat cell. It is also the largest and most prominent organelle in the cell; it is a specialized subunit in the cell that has a specific function. As the ...view middle of the document...

The other is called smooth SER and this involved in synthesis of lipids and detoxification of some chemicals in the cell (Parker and Honeysett, biology, 2008).
Golgi body is called Golgi apparatus is similar to endoplasmic reticulum in structure, a number of these vesicles join up and fuse together. As they become proteins that are transported in vesicles that are changed and modified, with the help of carbohydrates that becomes glycoproteins. This produces products of exocytose moves and fuses with the cell membrane. This labels items to be sent to different parts of the cell. The Golgi plays an important part in the role in synthesis of proteoglycans which are molecules. Some of the most important molecules created in the Golgi complex are the lysosomes.
Ribosomes are made of two subunits which are called massage RNA (mRNA) and transfer RNA (tRNA) which is made up of four strands of RNA. The mRNA provides instructions from the cellular DNA for building a specific protein, why the tRNA brings the protein building blocks. Amino acids are made here, as they are polymerized, the ribosome and these are transported to Golgi apparatus. Some of the ribosome will be free floating in the cytoplasm, creating proteins for cell use. Why others will attach to the endoplasmic reticulum to be exported away from the cell.
Mitochondria are large in size, that occur in large numbers in cell (boyle and senior,human biology,2008). As they look like a long and slender like a sausage shape. This is where the power house is, it converts energy that can be usable in the cell. Mitochondria has a double bounded membrane, the outer one is smooth, while the inner one has many folds. These are called cristea, these folds help to enhance the productivity. As there are to two parts of the Mitochondria as called intermembrane and mitochondrial matrix, as there is a high concentration of enzymes in mitochondrial matrix. Mitochondria are only partially dependent of the cell, as it has its own DNA and ribosome’s that it can make its own proteins and replicates by...

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