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Cell Phone Should Be Allowed In Class

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Cell Phone Should Be Allowed in Class
If you visit most American colleges these days, what will you see? Cell phones. Almost all American students have cell phones and they always use them in class. Should cell phones be allowed in class? Cell phones should be allowed in class because students’ family might call with an emergency and cell phones can provide a convenient way to study in class.
The first reason is students’ family might call with an emergency. According to the newspaper The New York Times, “Parents think of cell phones as a connection to their children in an emergency. If cell phones are not allowed in class, parents only can call the school's main office to reach their children” (Scaccia). In other words, cell phones should be allowed in class as if there is any emergency case that parents can easily inform their children. And it also helps after school time, so if children have any transport ...view middle of the document...

In other words, cell phones make everything become easier and faster. Using cell phones replace traditional pencils and notebooks are convenient because it can make sure that students will not miss what teachers talk about on classes. Using cell phones also reduces students’ back bag weight because books are so heavy. In addition, using cell phones is good for international students because students can use electronic dictionary to translate vocabulary in class. Sometimes the teacher has no time to explain words in class and some teachers are not good at explaining words. Then students must use electronic dictionaries to study these words. To sum up, cell phones are very helpful to study in class.
Although cell phones have so many advantages to students, some teachers think cell phones should not be allowed in class because cell phones make noise and bother other students. They worry that cell phones in class may distract students. According to the news website Redding, “The problem is student’s cell phones are ringing in class so that causes a problem for the students and teachers and interrupts the flow of teaching”(Phillips). They worry a lot. Students can set cell phones to vibrate and keep it in their pockets until the break, so they won’t bother anyone. This is not the main reason to cause student distraction. The teacher can formulate rules to guide students to keep cell phones silence. From the information given, this type of concern is unnecessary.
In conclusion, cell phones should be allowed in class because students’ family might call with an emergency and cell phone can provide a convenient way to study in class. Cell phones not only can help study but also keep students safe.

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