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Celeritas, Inc.: Leadership Challenges In A Fast Growth Industry

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Celeritas, Inc.: Leadership Challenges in a Fast-Growth Industry


Celeritas was a leading firm in the enterprise network optimization industry, in an industry where it was becoming highly competitive. Celeritas have lost their market share and they’re steady growth has slowed. SVP’s have stopped communicating and sharing information amongst each other and blame each other for missing deadlines. Boyer is not seen as an effective leader since he doesn’t not involve nor hear any SVP’s opinions on decision-making matters. So did VP’s loose trust in Boyer’s leadership skills.

Key People:

Philip Boyer is the President & CEO who does majority of the end decision-makings ...view middle of the document...

They play a key role in the organization and in charge of managing all aspects of the business.

Carla Reese:
She was hired by Boyer as an organizational consultant who had experience with fast-growing high-tech companies. Over the course of days, she realized that the problems were not mainly what had been explained by the CEO but also included the relationship and coordination issues.

• Lack of trust and communication amongst SVP’s
o Information’s were not being shared amongst divisions and there were mistrust between SVP’s.
o Lloyd was getting most of the blame because all the rest of the divisions were connected, working together and were to do more with numbers whereas Marketing & Sales division works with clients. Due to lack of communication between marketing & sales department and R&D, a lot of promises were being made where one could not deliver, inevitable affecting firms sales growth.
o The motivation of the managers dropped because past behavior of their colleagues, they were already expecting other divisions to miss deadlines therefore, each division with the same thought would not strive to give their best and end up blaming each other at the end of the day. Motivation within the organization is very crucial since its directly correlated with work output.

• Inconsistent decision making
o Instead of coordinating together amongst the division, individual SVP’s would go up to the CEO with new propositions and ideas without the approval of other divisions. This creates mistrust and decision-makings without any calculations and preparations, which leads to disappointments from both within the organizations and clients.
o Majority of the end decisions are taken and decided without any set, fixed firm guidelines/ policy but more with the believe of one single individual which makes it inconsistent since the SVP’s are clueless of why and how the decisions were chosen and made.

• Confusion about goals and priorities
o Each division has goals which its striving, however, the goals and the direction to reach them are all different from each other inevitably loosing focus of the organizations goal.
o This creates not only mistrust amongst divisions but also confusion, which leads to de-motivation.

• Poor coordination amongst divisions
o Sales department making promises that R&D could not cope with created tensions and blames and mistrust amongst divisions.
o No division was taking any reasonability of wrong doing and not reaching deadlines, instead blaming each other.
o Necessary information’s were not being shared along division to work together to strive a common goal that did not exist.

1. How to address the VP’s concerns and their resistance to the organizational change process?
It is clear that VP’s main concern is not directly issues that were mentioned above but more with the leadership of Boyer that is failing in leading his managers and guiding them through difficult times....

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