Celebrity Role Models Essay

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Brenda Ortiz
October 10,2013
Mrs. Hua
English 801 B

“Celebrity role models”
Miley Cyrus, Amanda Bynes, and Britney Spears what do all these celebrities have in common? They all rose to stardom as childhood stars and have become a tremendous part of children’s lives. They have transformed from talented singing to talented acting. As these stars tend to grow older they become exposed to an amount of certain things. These things include body image issues, alcohol, drugs, and sexuality. Many of these things start affecting their image in the media. Celebrity’s actions affect children who look up to them. Its like the saying “monkey see monkey do” they want to be exactly like them. ...view middle of the document...

Now in her adulthood the media attack her with interrogations. The media continues to bombard her way to adulthood. Too often the media portrays Miley as a wild and provocative teenager that acted too sexual for her age. Pertaining to her vulgar videos recently released and in 2008 (“Can Be Tamed”) Her shocking performance on the 2013 VMA’s. (Daily mail reporter). To her magazine scandal with Vanity Fair for posing a bare back at a young age. Children are being exposed to this behavior makes them want to do the same and then blame it on TV. Which is very wrong and children should be disciplined for what they watch. Now days you don’t know what to expect from celebrities anymore. Celebrities are exposed to drugs, which makes them change drastically and ruin their image. For Instance, Britney spears going bald in the year 2007 and harming a paparazzi car. This seems to be an outrageous action due to an unhealthy lifestyle of drugs. Miley Cyrus expressed her opinion about weed where she says it’s the best drug on earth. This exposure drops her many sponsors, her fans decrease, and also her franchise. Clearly children want to keep the same image that’s why some tend to experiment with drugs believeing its cool. Body image issues really affect many teenagers some may think there ugly and others think there fat. This how they begin to starve themselves and they become either bulimic or anorexic. Television seems to expose this a lot and a various amount of children suffer from eating disorders and insecurity issues.
According to Nielsen Media Research 1.3 Total viewers watch “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”. The Kardashians have become a relatively famous family. There television shows obsess over men, sex, beauty, weight, and designer things. They expose all their expensive shoes, purses, and cars. Such as Christian Loboutins, Louis Vuitton, Celine and many more high end brands. The youngest girls get showered with expensive things, which makes...

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