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Celebrity Endorsement Essay

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Celebrity endorsement: the various uses made of celebrity involvement in marketing strategies.
My focus:  Star Power: Why so many of us buy cosmetics to 'get the London look'

‘I touched you at the sound check: you’re just the same as I am, but what makes these people feel happy, leads us headlong into harm’ this is a famous quote from the infamous singer song-writer Morrissey, described by NME is ‘one of the most influential artists ever’. This one man has inspired thousands of musicians and has set the standard for indie music, worldwide. In this case, Morrissey’s celebrity status has made a positive impact on his fan-base, even though his private life might not be so admirable, he ...view middle of the document...

(Bennett 2009). I answer yes; buying these products makes us more happy, confident and self-assured. I can vouch for that. I quote Charles Revson of Revlon cosmetics who said, ‘In our factories we make lipstick: in our advertisements we sell hope’, I’m confident that by buying a certain lipstick, I’m not going to look like the featured celebrities and models and for the executive of a leading cosmetics company to say openly the aforementioned, sends a condescending message to their customers.

The Rimmel website exclaims that there was ‘really only one possible choice’ for the face of the brand. That face would be Kate Moss, the ‘quintessential London girl’. She is popular worldwide and in my home, we have spoken about her over dinner, I have a picture of her on my wall and style myself on her from time to time. But Kate, a single mother has been quoted saying ‘nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’, snapped taking cocaine and gone to rehab. Is this a good image to follow? She is described on the Rimmel website as ‘influential’ and many girls idolize her for her fashion, beauty and rock & roll boyfriends, not for an athletic or scientific achievement but her lifestyle. Richard Dyer’s work focuses on the relationship between a star’s on-screen and off-screen ‘meanings’, considering Kate Moss, her off-screen life is just as important as her on-screen image, were these two merge together, Rimmel have their perfect marketing formula.
Kate Moss’s adverts boosted the brand's mascara sales by 74% between August and October 2003 and because of its success, that the brand continued to use Kate Moss and the punk princess theme for the following campaigns, launching with the tagline of ‘break the rules’, apparently appealing to consumers' sense of individuality. Kate Moss also appeared at the launch of the product, and was the main draw of much publicity and media attention. The star has rarely spoken in the media, adding to her mysterious façade so it represented a significant PR coup for the brand. A study by MEC Medialab says we are so seduced by the sight of a famous face that one in four of us claim that we will buy a product simply because a celebrity is promoting it. There is even a website called the Davie Brown Index, for companies to evaluate a celebrity’s awareness, appeal and relevance to a brand’s image and their influence on consumer buying behavior.

Celebrity lives have become to some extent our cultural narrative. It is not rare to hear my friends say ‘I can’t come out tonight, I’ve nothing to wear’ or ‘I look rubbish’. The thing is, they do have something to wear and definitely don’t look rubbish. But because they are kept ever so up to date with their idols, they feel this is the case. The post-modernist concept of style over substance supports my view that the surface is all that matters and the underlying reality doesn’t. Girls are always criticizing themselves and we are more aware than ever of the beauty and...

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