Causes And Effect Of Eve Teasing In Bangladesh

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There are many problems that people of Bangladesh are facing these days rooting from economy, politics, corruption etc. However, it has also been facing many social problems which are kept out of awareness until it gets big as an issue. Eve teasing is one of them.
Thesis Statement: Throughout this term paper I would like to give an effort to provide a brief discussion over the eve teasing issue in Bangladesh starting from its origin, causes, and expansion to its effects and remedy.
Origin: Many people consider the term “eve teasing” as rooting from the word “eve” which literally means early. So it is generally concluded that “eve teasing” means teasing girls who are at ...view middle of the document...

While some tend to be overly pedantic and take an extremely conservative tone on sexuality, others, especially those directed towards the youth, have been criticized for questionable attitudes regarding women.
The problem first received public and media attention in 1960s. In the following decades, more and more women started pursuing college and working independently, meaning that they were often no longer accompanied by a male escort as had been a norm in traditional society. In response, the problem grew to alarming proportions, despite this not being the case in other cultures where women go and come as they please. Soon the Indian government had to take remedial measures, both judicial and law enforcement, to curb the practice and efforts were made to sensitize the police about the issue, and police started rounding up eve teasers. The deployment of plain-clothed female police officers for the purpose has been particularly effective; other measures seen in various states were setting up of Women's Helpline in various cities, Women Police stations, and special cells by the police. Also seen during this period was a marked rise in number women coming forward to report cases of sexual harassment due to changing public opinion against this practice. In addition, the severity of these incidences grew as well, in some cases leading to acid throwing, which in turn led to states like Tamil Nadu making it a non bailable offense. The number of women's organization and those working for women's rights also saw a rise, especially as this period also saw a rise in reports of bride burning. The increase in violent incidents towards women meant previously lackadaisical attitudes towards women's rights had to be revised and supported by law. In the coming years, such organizations played a key role in lobbying for the passing of legislation designed to protect women from aggressive behaviour from strangers, including 'The Delhi Prohibition of Eve-teasing Bill 1984'.
The death of a female student, Sarika Shah, in Chennai in 1998, brought some tough laws to counter the problem in South India.[18] After this case, there has been about half-a-dozen reports of suicide that have been attributed to pressures caused by this behaviour. The death of Pearl Gupta a college student in Delhi in 2007and in February 2009, female students from M.S. University (MSU) Vadodara assaulted four young men near the family and community sciences faculty, after they passed lewd comments on a girl student staying in SD Hall hostel.
Many other cases go unreported for fear of reprisals and exposure to public shame. In some cases police let the offenders go, after public humiliation through the murga punishment. In 2008, a Delhi court ordered a 19 year old youth, after he was caught making lewd remarks to passing females, to distribute 500 handbills, detailing the consequences of indecent...

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