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Cause And Effect Of Divorce Essay

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Cause and Effects of Divorce
Marriage symbolizes a unity between two people. Some marriages last and some result in divorce. For instance, a newlywed couple could start off exceedingly romantic. As the marriage progresses, more problems and issues arise that are left unsolved. Feelings could build up over time and every little action he or she does could increasingly annoy the other spouse. Conflicts are not resolved properly and as time passes, the couple may start to have more and more disagreements about unimportant subjects. There are three main causes of divorce: lack of communication, early marriages with unexpected pregnancies and drastic career changes, which are listed below.
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early marriages are determined by the birth of an unexpected child. The sudden amount of responsibility placed on the new parents could cause many problems with the relationship, which could then lead to divorce. In the case that they are young, the new parent might be forced to leave school and work more to produce sufficient funds needed for the family to survive. The interruption of one's school could cause disappointment in the student and the student's family. Because the marriage was unplanned, there will be many obstacles that the newlyweds will face that they probably would not have expected. Teen pregnancies are not uncommon in our society. As a result of these early pregnancies, premature marriages occur. Because of this information, one would believe that young marriages and unexpected pregnancies are the reasons why divorce is common. On the other side, a child's existence could have the power to bring two people together and make a relationship stronger. The amount of responsibility the parents are faced with would force them to mature and work together. A child could bring a sense of pride, happiness, and achievement to a parent. If a couple has a new responsibility that they both feel is precious, then it is possible that they could become closer by raising their offspring together.
Thirdly, a drastic career change could be the reason why divorce is common. It is possible to feel this way because having a career is a very important aspect of our culture. One works towards the goal of eventually having a career as soon as the first kindergarten class. Relationships, on the other hand, happen eventually as time passes. The main structure of our American culture is to receive an education first. Once married, career goals may change due to a change of priorities. Having children also affects career goals. If one spouse has a drastic career change, it could affect the relationship. For example, there is a family consisting of a married couple and two children. The husband is a children's book writer who gets discovered by movie producers who want to turn his books into movies. Because of this, he gets recognized in the entertainment industry as a writer. He starts touring around big cities and writing specifically for movies. As a result, he is away from home weeks at a time leaving...

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