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Cause And Effect Of Computer Revolution

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ENC 1101
February 13 2013
Causes and Effects of the Computer/Information Revolution
By illustrating the lifestyle of the computer revolution through advancements in human society whether it be medicine, school or businesses, computers paints a vivid image of a world that is interconnected providing further advancement upon our society; only to create a bigger, faster and more efficient world. The 21st century is known as the information and or computer revolution. As Hamming states, "the industrial revolution released man from being a beast of burden; computer revolution will similarly release him from slavery to dull, repetitive routine" (Hamming 4). The revolution began after World War ...view middle of the document...

This led to the development of one of the world’s first microcomputers, known as the “The Altair 8000” introduced by a man named Ed Roberts, who is credited with the development and selling of the first microcomputer to the general public. Although it lacked quite a few key features we are accustom to today such as keyboard, monitor, or an operating system it even came as an assembly kit. Without this key invention the computer age would not be as we know it. The affordable Altair 8800 gave accesses to those who otherwise could not afford the more expensive standard computers, Microsoft was founded as a result, and because of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, we now have Windows. The creation of such a software simplified the computer for all, and allowed for even the most novice of computer users the ability to complete tasks that more moderate users where completing. Eventually, there would be expansion’s based on the original version which would only further assist the information technology movement. This eventually brought us Windows 95, released in August of 1995 it is credited with being the coming out party for the age for the PC, this also happens to be the early ages of the internet which for the first time was going to be utilized in home through PC.
This would eventually become the stepping stones to a whole new world of innovations for the PC. With the coming of windows 95, and it’s utilization of the internet, it granted even the most advanced of computers users access to a world known as the world wide web, this manifested into a number benefactors and innovations all through human society, one of these being the implementation of computers into classrooms. The amount time saving capabilities and sheer speed at which information could be exchanged and obtained can only improve the teaching and learning experience, and save instructors time in their attempt to disperse information. This has led to the development of school websites, which allow for a diverse interaction known as web portals between the student and school, all from paying for classes, emailing instructors, and selecting classes even live help is available at certain campuses all across the country thanks to the innovation of the computer. Now schools have computer labs, which allow accesses to resources others may not have accesses to at home as well as applications they may not be able to afford. Schools have these computer program applications available for student use some examples are; teaching software development, hardware design these types of applications are considered indispensable to the modern computers. Reich illustrates the data management by computers in teaching music "songs, instrumental pieces, recordings, information about composers, information from related curriculum areas-to be stored in the memory of a computer and then utilized by a teacher"(Reich 49) Whether it word processors which, next to email, is one of the most used computer applications on...

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