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Cause And Effect Essay

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Bullying has become an epidemic that the educational system has been campaigning to cease through the establishment of school wide anti-bullying policies. In recent years the federal government has implemented the National Safe Schools Framework and the Civil Liability Act of 2002, to assist educators with diminishing schoolyard bullying (Campbell 64). Since the development and rise of technological resources, cyber-bullying has expanded the opportunity for the act of bullying to take place; bullying is no longer isolated face to face. Students’ abilities of escaping to a safe haven, away from their harasser, are almost nonexistent. The use of the internet and cellphones ...view middle of the document...

After interviewing 20,000 students, it was found that approximately 26% of students are victims of bullying that took place during school hours (Schneider, O’Donnell, Stueve, and Coulter 173). This same research documented that in addition to school bullying, approximately 16% of students are victims of cyber-bullying. When researchers compared students being bullied at school to those being cyber-bullied, it was found that 59% of those victims being cyber-bullied were also victims of school bullying and 39% of students being bullied at school were also cyber-bullied (Schneider, O’Donnell, Stueve, Coulter 173). It is evident that there is a correspondence between school bullying and cyber-bullying.
Currently, most schools have a non-tolerance policy concerning acts of bullying taking place during school hours or on school grounds, but have yet to incorporate the aspect of cyber-bullying. With the use of technology in schools, the act of cyber-bullying is taking place more often in school than just outside of school. The internet use in schools allows students to access social-networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, because of their educational purposes, but these sites are some of the origins where harassing comments and intimidating posts are being seen. Along with the internet, the increase in the use of cell phones in school, whether it is against school policy or not, has created another outlet for students to be bullied. These technology sources are eliminating the physical or confrontational aspect of bullying and allowing it to be less visible and easily feasible. Educators are not always aware of what is taking place in schools and less likely to be able to prevent it without victims reporting it, and because there is no policy against cyber-bullying victims are less likely to report it.
An educational system’s sole responsibility is to provide a quality education for all students. In doing so, it has taken on the role of creating a safe learning environment which includes...

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