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Cause And Affect Of Advertising Essay

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Recently, advertising can be found everywhere from newspaper, TV, online channels or even at home flyers. In some ways, it contributes as a must-have part of modern people’s lives. Advertisements take place widely as a result of several reasons, and they often have big impacts on the receivers who receive the messages from these advertisings.
On one hand, it’s easy to identify that there are three major reasons for advertising. First of all, the most common reason is, to the companies or the economic groups, to build up the brand identities in the consumers’ mindsets. For instance, when a new product is launched, a company wants to publicly announce it to the consumers. Taking advance on all the channels of advertising, it’s easy for the company to convey the message emotionally and physically to the end-users. In this case, the receivers start ...view middle of the document...

What is more, everybody has taken part in calling actions for anti-discrimination. Moreover, by using advertising, a country is able to advertise their attractions globally to everyone. How can the travelers know what local places other countries have to decide whether they should visit or not. As is often a case, the countries show the tourists all the information about their attractions, activities, festivals, carnivals and so on. Consequently, advertisings help to build up the countries’ images and attract more tourists to come to visit.
On the other hand, the effects of advertisings are thorough. The most importance of these effects is to change people’s lifestyle. Watching advertisings encourages people, especially the youth, to join the army, to make good actions to anti-discrimination, or to be courage to respond bullying. In some cases, it helps to make a better and better society. Furthermore, economically, advertisings are able to globalize products or service. A product will become well known not only at the original country, where it was first produced, but all over the world as well. At the end, the company expands their market and sells more products. However, it’s not all about advantages. Overspending is one of the most important disadvantages that are blamed for advertising. When all the companies romanticize their products with love stories, celebrities, or human expectations, they, somehow, motivate people to become parts of their stories. For example, some consumers believe that they can become glamour if they use particular products that they saw some celebrities using them on TV. They don’t care to spend all their money, even savings to pursue this dream. At last, they owe enormous debts that they are unable to pay off.
In summary, there are many reasons why advertisings take place popularly as well as many effects on the individuals. It’s important for receivers to identify what messages should be taken in, and what messages should be received caution.

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