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Causal Argument Paper
Pell Grant Causes an Increase Dropout Rates with Community College Students
      The Pell Grant has become  primary cause of an increase dropout rate among community college students.
whoa!  next time please try and lead into the thesis.    Establish the kairos for the 
essay:  the occasion for writing.   As it is, your reader is saying, "Okay, that is
 interesting, but why is she writing about that? "
The Pell Grant is one of the biggest sources of grant aid and is very critical to students and schools (Ambrose). The Pell Grant is a loan that does not have to be paid back and can reward a recipient with the maximum of five thousand and five hundred ...view middle of the document...

For example, Community College of Southern Maryland tuition cost has gone up from $2,250 dollars in year of 2002 to now $3,210 for a full time student taking fifteen credit hours for a full academic year (College of Southern Maryland). Also keep in mind other cost spelling  that is are  not in addition to college tuition, such as books, combination fees, application fees, lab fees, and transportation, are not included in this equation.  that sentence has multiple errors    But as cost of tuition goes up and Pell Grant awards decrease, college students are forced to drop out of school simply because he or she   students is plural and he or she is singular  cannot afford college.
      Determined by Congress, not every community college student recipient can apply for the Pell Grant, which can lead to students dropping out because of the high standard formula that may seem impossible for any student to recieve Pell Grant. give evidence that the "high standard
formula" is a cause   This makes it challenging for college students to afford the cost of tuitions and books when they can't even receive any help because they do not qualify based on the formula. The Congress creates a formula to determine where the Pell Grant is awarded to only the "neediest of the needy" (Montgomery). Based on the complex equation that overlooks the recipients' family size, family income, family assets, and tuition of the school by which he or she will be attending (Ambrose), the Pell Grant application formula means that students who qualify for a grant for their first year of schooling may suddenly no longer qualify in their second year. By losing their access to these grants, students who have already completed part of their coursework may suddenly become unable to complete thier education simply because they can not afford the tuition. Sadly to say only more than one million community college students does not even have access to federal loans (Ambrose). With less and less fewer and fewer   Pell Grants available, the more community college students will drop out since the college student and the students'  again, you switch from the singular to the plural 
(students'  is plural   )  parents cannot come up with the rest of the tuition cost.
      College students, especially low income college students, and their parents are relying too much on Pell Grant and Government financial aid to help them through college. Back in academic year of 1985 to 1986, the Pell Grant covered sixty percent of the average college student tuition cost (Cliffnotes).  

This is not a source that your reader will see and immediately 
recognize as credible.  To establish your own credibility,  you must also establish the credibility of your source material.    

   Now recorded for the academic year of 2005 to 2006, the Pell Grant awards covered only thirty percent of the average college cost for each recipient (Cliffnotes). About twenty years ago when maybe our parents went to...

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