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Case Study Week One

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Case Study – Week One

Submitted by:
Stephanie Richey

Southern New Hampshire University
Professor Richard J. Monohan
QSO-600-X2072 – Operations Management

November 22, 2014

Strutledge College is considering the addition of an MBA program. Certain
Factors have been identified that should help in making a final decision. However, the college has solicited recommendations that will be presented to the Board of Regents. The purpose of this case study will propose a course of action plan that will benefit Strutledge College and its endeavors to expand its student base and build valuable ties with area businesses, and simply survive.

Although business ...view middle of the document...

She writes, “Many say higher education absolutely would help you move up in your career.” (Olson, 2013) While a Masters program impresses potential employers experience is just as important. On the other hand, Olson writes that Masters Programs are not worth the investment. She writes, “An advanced degree doesn’t make a graphic designer more talented because most companies will look at the person’s portfolio.” (Olson, 2013) A portfolio is a demonstration of a person’s work over a period of time. It displays progress. The main objective is to make sure an advanced education is worth the time and effort.

In making a strategic decision all possible factors should be considered. Some are:
* What will increase enrollment?
* How can the university increase exposure to potential students?
The Board of Regents should consider consolidating the business courses currently offered into a centralized degree program. Since there is no undergraduate degree program is offered in business, creating a program should be the first order of business. Strutledge College is small so staying with the current budget is best. The college already has competent faculty to support the program. Strutledge can utilize the present faculty and create an effective business program.

The first step for Strutledge to consider is allowing present faculty the opportunity to offer feedback on developing the business degree program. By...

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