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Case Study Week 1

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William Stewart
Case Study Week 1

There are many nefarious computer activities that we must be aware of to keep our Company secure. Every day we are on top of the latest security trends and we do what we have to in order to protect the company. We strictly enforce the physical security, access controls, physical barriers, and use the best software money can buy to protect us. However, there are still ways we must protect ourselves from other activity in which our systems can still be accessed if we aren’t careful. Specifically, two harmful activities, ping sweeps and port scans can have a major impact on computer systems and can definitely cause worry if they aren’t prevented.
Ping sweeps could have a major impact on computer systems because they are the first step of an intruder making his entry (Conklin, White, 2010). A ping sweep sends a ping or an ICMP echo ...view middle of the document...

Conversely, Address Mask Requests and ICMP Timestamp are other ways to determine a live address for an intruder to attack (Rouse, 2005).
Port Scans have a major impact on computer systems because they are usually the second step of an intruder’s attack. A port scan will scan the ports on the computer system they are in the process of attacking (Conklin, White, 2010). The scan will tell which ports are open. Many techniques afterward can be used to determine the operating system, applications, and services that are running on that computer (Rouse, 2005, pg. 12.). Once this foundation has been layed, the intruder knows what applications they will be able to attack and will do so to their most easily accessible route. Port scans are a worry because it is not a crime to scan a port and anyone is capable. However, you can do things to help minimize the chances of an intruder finding an open port. The best way to do this is to close as many applications on your computer as possible. If an application is running and an intruder runs a port scan, this is a likely target. If you only keep open the applications you need running you will lower the chances of the intruder finding an open port. Software products can be purchased that can keep a port scanner from damaging your system but cannot prevent a scan (Rouse, 2005 pg.12 ).
In conclusion, ping sweeps and port scans are the beginning stages of an attack. The attacker makes use of these by locating a live address, and then finding an open port to attack. Both ping sweeps and port scans clearly can impact a computer system and are worrisome to any business. But with proper action by using prevention techniques you can significantly lower the security risks of your company.

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