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Case Study Shell

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In the first case we observe company which is the main producer of drinks in the world and which has huge investment portfolio and real power in corporate social responsibility. In other word it is highly aimed to follow «best practices» of corporate social responsibility initiatives and sustainable development measures. Corporate social initiatives slightly vary as companies operate in different industries.

Introduction of the Royal Dutch Shell Corporation.

According to the words of CEO Peter Voser who introduce sustainability report of 2010 year the aim of the business is to heel meet the energy needs of society in ways that are economically environmentally and socially ...view middle of the document...

Moreover it oversees safety and environmental performance and managers contracting and procurement across the company.

Basically all Corporate Social Responsibilities emerge from strategy of the holding.

Current strategy of the entity is based on long-term and short-term interests in terms of sustainable development. All decision-making processes include means of integrating economy, environmental and social considerations. Thus, better products are made under correct governing of new projects, achieved by the way Shell manage their supply chains and how they share benefits from operations.
Shell Group is for sustainable development, production of cleaner-burning gas which is growing, investments in biofuels areas well increasing, energy efficiency is improving by new technologies and professional management. Within year 2010 research and development department spent more than 1 bln. On developing advanced technologies to unlock energy resource more sustainably that improve efficiency and offer customers better products.
It is obvious that through experience Shell learned how to comply with concerns of others, deliver better projects, securing much needed energy for customers and create lasting benefits for communities.
In this approach include five points at which Shell decide whether to proceed with the project or not:
* Identify opportunity
* Feasibility study
* Concept selection
* Project spesification
* Construction
But before starting the project company assesses environmental and social impacts alongside the commercial and technical considerations. At the same time Group consider the potential cost of a Carbon Dioxide emissions project.
Likewise group consults communities and governments to help in developing plans and informing on the approach. At the same moment all results of the project is published and shared widely for fair assessments. In complex operations specialists in social and environment appointed to influence project planning and decisions and help local support and regulatory approvals.
All decision made within the business process are primarily assessed from sustainability development side and corporate social responsibility. Experience gained from previous project shows high involvement of Shell Group in social questions. Implementation of CSR initiatives towards sustainability creates higher value of the future projects and increase trust from communities which are involved in actions.
As it was said earlier Shell Group supports economic growth and development at operations they aim to address social concerns and work to benefit local communities and protecting reputation. All programs started by the company create not only financial benefits but primarily social. This can be traced by different examples, where CSR stands as main apex during the process.
To demonstrate what initiatives towards sustainability are taken by Shell Group following examples will be observed.


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