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Case Study Of Abc Co., Ltd From An Inside Out Perspective Of Change Management Process In Erp Implementation

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Executive Summary

Change, change, change… the speed within business and industry has increased immensely over time and new products are introduced regularly. The world has changed and will continue to change. Organizations perceive change as very important for its survival and prosperity in today’s most competitive environment and new business challenges. The success and performance superiority of organizations are very much dependent on the ability to align its internal arrangement with the demand of external world.

Every business will contend to produce not only a better and more reliable product but also providing a better customer service. These can only be achieved through ...view middle of the document...

It attempted to explore how the company is developed and supported by its change management strategies in ERP. The data presented were collected both from primary and secondary sources. The primarily sources were possessed through discussion, survey and face to face interviews with managements, operational leaders , change agent of ERP , ERP Project team and people from ABC Co., Ltd. The secondary sources were retrieved from internal documents, website, books, files, journals and former investigations. Theoretical framework is a combination of management theories and concepts such as ERP, contemporary change management, intervention strategies, organizational development and human resource management.

Corporate Profile

Billion Force was established in Yangon, Myanmar in 1990 by a group of experienced and well qualified Myanmar engineers and other professionals in various disciplines. It has grown to become a leading manufacturer of quality electrical & household products including portable cooler & warmer, wine cooler, rechargeable multifunctional lanterns, batteries, ionizer and air purifier.. etc. ABC now provide a comprehensive range of electrical appliances to provide national demands. It is ISO 9001:2000 certified, every product undergoes righourus quality assurance testing in order to ensure reliability & value. The head office is located in Yangon with 200 qualified people and has modern factory with more than 2500 employees keeping the company at the forefront of technological innovation. ABC always takes pride in the standards of professionalism which are maintained and the ability to satisfy customer’s requirements.

These days we are living in a globalized world, where competition is not absent. This is why it is essential for managers of the enterprise to develop different strategies to satisfy client needs, many of which have become hard to see. They are trying to anticipate what clients will want or need, and in that way they work to offer customized products. ABC needs a system that can be capable of administration every aspect of their business integrally and can optimize internal procedures and make them more efficient. ERP systems are a fundamental element for organizations these days. The board of director of ABC decided to implement ERP system which can integrate all functional and strategic information of enterprise for consolidation of the company and the satisfaction of their customers. As I am an IT Manager of the company, I have been assigned to recommend suitable ERP vendor and corporate implementing ERP project.
As most software packages are exhaustively comprehensive, each industry has its own qualities that makes them one of a kind, and of course they have special needs. I had discussed local software vendors many times and choose Suntac Technologies Co., Ltd to design Manufacturing ERP System for ABC to meet our specific needs. After signing the contract , a project...

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