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Case Study: Sara Goldfarb

Case Study: Sara Goldfarb 2

Sara Goldfarb is an elderly widow who lived alone in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn New York. She was slightly overweight, but otherwise she was relatively healthy. Sara had a few friends in her complex, but expressed feeling useless and lonely. She had one son named Harry who was the only family she had, but he rarely visited her. Sara loved Harry, but at the same time he frightened her. His struggle with drug addiction caused him to bully her and resulted in him frequently taking her television to get money for drugs. She ...view middle of the document...

She dyes her hair and tries to diet to fit into the special red dress again. Her excitement about the prospect of being on television is replaced with disappointment when she realized she could not fit in the dress. Sara tried dieting to
Case Study: Sara Goldfarb 3
lose the weight, but does not have the will power to stick to it.
Sara decided to go to a weight loss doctor that her friend had referred her to. The doctor prescribed her multiple medications to help her lose the weight. Initially the medications keep her from eating and she began losing weight, but unknown to her the medications were affecting her negatively in other ways. She was full of energy and appeared more outgoing and happy at first, but eventually the lack of sleep and nourishment were slowly causing her to become more and more mentally unstable. She eventually began increasing her medication on her own and stopped following the doctors prescribed treatment. She does eventually lose the weight, but she is no longer happy and is instead anxious about why she is not being notified of when she will be on television. Even her son notices the difference in her and he tried to get her to stop taking the medications, but she was in denial about his addictions and therefore did not recognize that she was becoming an addict herself.
All Sara wanted was to feel a sense of worth and importance, she wanted to smile and be happy again. At first the medication did this for her so she continued taking them and when she increased her dosage she thought it would make her feel even better, but instead she began to have hallucinations and both her mental and physical condition began deteriorating. She was anxious about not being contacted regarding her appearance on television and got more agitated and depressed with each day that passed without hearing from them. She loses touch with reality and eventually went to inquire about her television appearance. Her condition was so bad that she had to be taken to a mental health facility for evaluation.
Upon Sara Goldfarb’s admission to the hospital she appeared to be malnourished, sleep deprived, and was suffering from hallucinations. She was not in touch with reality and kept Case Study: Sara Goldfarb 4

talking about being on television. She was highly agitated and would go between moments of euphoria and extreme sadness. The difficulty in making an initial diagnosis was the patient’s inability to coherently provide us with background information and the difficulty we had contacting relatives or friends to assist us. There was the possibility that the patient was under the influence of some sort of drug, but even after this was confirmed with toxicology tests; we couldn’t determine if the drugs were the primary cause of her condition. It appears that everything needs to be considered before we make an appropriate diagnosis, so we have to wait until we get more information.
When we finally...

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