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Case Study

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Final Project: Case Study

The Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center (MPSETC) is located in Sykesville, Maryland. It is operated under the umbrellas of the Maryland Police and Correctional Training commissions, which is a division of the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services. The MPSETC includes the Firearms Training Facility (FTF), the Drivers Training Facility (DTF), the Academic and Administrative Complex (AAC). After careful review of the security plans of Maryland’s PSETC, it has come to my attention that there are quite a few potential security issues that should be addressed.
The FTF and DTF are facilities surrounded by vast ...view middle of the document...

Due to the FTF and the DTF facilities being full of firearms, ammunition, automobiles, tools and other items, offenders might consider the facilities bring a prime target of value. According the information gathered from the Uniform Crime Reports, for every one-hundred thousand people living in Sykesville, MD, there are 192 robberies involving trespassing, theft, and property damage (UCR, 2013).
Security Plan
Exterior Threats and Solutions for the FTF and the DTF
The plan I propose to increase the rate of security for the exterior is to focus on facility access control, perimeter intrusion detection systems, personnel Identification systems and protection of information and data. Protecting the exterior all around the clock of the facilities and assets from unauthorized persons is very significant. This means the following items should be highly considered.
Facility access controls are a collection of ways and means to maintain high levels of security for the facilities. Examples of methods that should be taken into consideration are fencing, remote controlled gates, forced-entry resistant doors and windows, barrier protection, mechanical locking systems, and the elimination of hiding places (WBDG, 2013). These should especially be looked into to protect the Firearms Training Facility and the Drivers Training Facility due to the activities practiced within the facility.
Perimeter intrusion for both the DTF and the FTF should be upgraded. Adding video surveillance technology would not only increase the amount of security, but it can also dissuade possible offenders from entering unlawfully. Motion detection systems with alarms would be highly beneficial also, especially if they are linked to the local police or fire department.
And last when discussing guarding the facilities against unauthorized entry is including a personnel identification system. A personnel identification system is another item to consider adding to the PSETC facilities (WBDG, 2013). Including access controls such as fingerprinting or scanning identification cards at the electronic gates will help in preventing unlawful entries.
Interior Threats and Solutions
Not only does the outside have to be properly secured, but the inside has to be protected against threats as well. Such examples of threats are from people who have authorized access, explosive threats, cyber and information threats, and ballistics threats.
First security issue we have is with insider threats. These threats are as previously stated, from people who have proper authorization to the facility. Examples of these individuals are employees, contractors and support personnel (WBGD, 2013). To mitigate insides threats, higher positioned individuals working at the FTF and the DTF should perform background checks and implement personnel reliability programs. With performing these on a routine basis, this will show if a certain employee is being unlawful and also teach them ethical behavior within...

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