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Case Study 28 Suburban Health Center

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Case Study 28 – Suburban Health Center
RE: After studying the case, prepare a written disciplinary memo to Wilson detailing the issues that were observed, the deviations from the standard policies, necessary steps for correction with timeframes, and consequences for non-compliance. Copy the instructor (your superior, Graham) on the memo. Also, as a supplement to the memo and written to your superior only, prepare a brief report (2-3 paragraphs) on which style of leadership you would like to employ to correct the situation and use support from text and other management resources.

To: Betsy Graham Metro City Health Department Supervisor
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Certainly her ratings were inflated, but I only did so to avoid trouble. Ms. Wilson’s work—especially her reports—was often substandard. She often refused to do things, but the others covered for her in the office, so I let it go.”
• Suburban’s clerk Billie made the following comment when I asked why he did not take his lunch for Ms. Wilson would be available to cover the phones:
o “Oh, no, Ms. Lawson! I’ll just wait for the others to get back. Wilson can’t handle them.”
• Wilson’s performance was continually unsatisfactory, and when approached by myself you stated:
o “I often fail to get proper and adequate information because someone else has slipped up.”
• Wilson has shown hostile behavior towards direct staff, including myself, her superior.
• Dr. Morgan has recently left our office, which was detrimental due to his position as the staff doctor for a state-funded health project. Prior to his departure he had plead that Dorothy Wilson be fired.

Job Performance
• Wilson’s time sheets and written reports have reflected the following—sheets reflect consistently longer transportation and visit times than did those of the other staff nurses.
• Wilson’s reports were poorly organized and provided scant information to justify the time spent.
• Wilson’s reports did not reflect why she made the visit, what problems if any were noted, and what actions she planned to take to correct them. Rather, she gave a hazy narrative paragraph to show the visit was made.
• Wilsons...

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