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Case Study 1.1

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Ebora, Lauren Fatima C.
Performance Management
Case Study 1.1 & 1.2

1. In my present employer, two (2) characteristics that are present are Strategic Congruence and Thoroughness. It is stated that congruence is achieved by coming together. It means that individual and company goals must have the same goals and objectives. In strategic congruence, corporate, business and functional strategies of a firm must mutually consistent with each of its employees or subordinates. We used this kind of strategy in order for us to achieve the same goals and objectives per period. The company sets our quota periodically. At the end of the period, we discuss with our superior of what ...view middle of the document...

2. Two characteristics that are not present in our firm are the Identification of Effective and Ineffective performance and Reliability. There are some employees that are not working properly yet they are still receiving allowances and incentives. It is a combined effort of all employees disregard of what an employee has done to achieve monthly quota. We can also not secure in staying in the company even if you were trying so hard. Supervisor’s judgment in performance evaluation is not fair and not free of error.
3. The best characteristic that is present in our company is the strategic congruence. Our individual goal is aligned with the company’s goal. Our immediate superior always discusses to his strategy for us to achieve our period goals and this is shared to us frequently. Our goal is to achieve our quota periodically.
4. Characteristics in my Company’s system:
1 | Strategic Congruence | Y |   |
2 | Thoroughness | Y |   |
3 | Practicality | N | Systems must be available and ready to use and affordable. |
4 | Meaningfulness | Y |   |
5 | Specificity | Y |   |
6 | Identification of effective and ineffective performance | N | No proper identification on employee's performance |
7 | Reliability | N | Measures of performance are not always fair in the company. |
8 | Validity | Y |   |
9 | Acceptability & Fairness | N | Promotions does not always based on performance.  |
10 | Inclusiveness | Y |   |
11 | Openness | Y |   |
12 | Correctability | Y |   |
13 | Standardization | Y |   |
14 | Ethicality | Y |   |

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