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Case Studies Essay

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Case studies

Flying to the Auto Bailout on a Private Jet
Basic problems
In this case study, there is wastage of resources. The CEOs of the nation's three largest automobiles uses private jets to attend the corporate public relations congress. This is wastage of resources since they are using private jets to travel when their companies are struggling to stay afloat. Ignorance is another basic problem evident in this case study. These CEOs are very ignorant. They attend the corporate public relation congress in Washington unprepared and thus appear to know nothing about their problems. The three companies, GM, Ford and Chrysler, lack the ...view middle of the document...

This was just the basic problem. The main issue in this study was when Karen Hughes gave incorrect information about Saddam Hussein. Karen Hughes said that Saddam Hussein killed close 300,000 with poisonous gas when in reality the people who died were approximately 5000. This was a very main issue as it was seen clearly that US was painting individuals as very bad people. Later the state department confirmed that the 300,000 mentioned by Karen Hughes as the people killed with poisonous gas by Saddam Hussein was wrong.
The analysis of Karen Hughes Stumbles Selling Uncle Sam
The work of Karen Hughes to protect the image of the United States of America is very good. Her work is to make the image of the United States appear. Even when Karen Hughes lies about the people killed by Saddam Hughes, she does it to protect the image of the country.
There are alternative solutions that can be used to curb these problems in both case studies. In this case study, flying to the bailout on a private jet, the following alternative solutions should be taken:...

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