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Case Review

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1) What concepts or ideas from the chapter are illustrated in this article?

There are numerous concepts illustrated in this article from Chapter 1. First things first, the article goes into detail about the internal as well as external factors about the NY Times as whole (i.e. the transition from physical to digital news), and provides an analysis for the reasoning behind that from Chief Executive Mark Thompson. In addition, the NY Times has strengths that are pointed out, as far as revenue growth in addition to just recently ...view middle of the document...

2) For one of the concepts or ideas you identify, explain how the article serves as an illustration.

For example, the article states, “the international audience is the richest target growth for digital subscription growth.” This is the perfect example of how the NY Times is identifying a target, or sector, within the audience and intentionally pursuing this target. Currently, 13 percent of the digital subscription audience is international, and they are intending to “further attract” this global crowd.

3) What question(s) about the application of this particular concept or idea does this article raise for you?

With the international digital subscriber increasing percentage wise, what does this say about the American consumer? Do they not care about news as much, or are they so diversified with their news sources that one source like the NY Times is a waste of an investment? I think that growing internationally is a very important aspect for the NY Times and a fabulous business goal/strategy, but they should be cautious about becoming too global to where it becomes complicated to appeal to both national and international audiences. If this is the easiest and most effective way for them to become more digitally appealing, then I may have been overly critical.

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