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Case Essay

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Jennifer Sobieski, an analyst within the headquarters of working computers, has been asked to judge whether or not or not operating ought to sell a division of the firm that has been losing market share and needs a good deal of recent investment to stay competitive. The ailing product could be a personal data appliance, or PDA, that when led the market in options and innovation, solely to fall prey to competition from varied companies once it had paved the means for product category. Complicating Jennifer's analysis and recommendation are many political problems involving the disobedient division. Especially, Working's recently returned CEO, Stewart working man, has ...view middle of the document...

Projected revenue refers to the estimated money a company will generate during a specific period. The projections often refer to monthly, quarterly or annual accounting periods. The company develops sales forecasts by applying an expected or desired market growth rate to current year revenues. For example if the company plans to generate revenue from investment income or by one-time sales of land, equipment or other assets, it includes those revenue numbers, depending on the purpose of the revenue projection.

For this case, the forecast sales first assuming that the revised Bernoulli are show in table 1, with the forecast which is based on sales of the current model with assuming that working declines to invest more capital in Bernoulli. To calculate projected sales for investment in new product development and investment no additional investment is the unit are given multiply with the price $495.

Table 1: shows projected sales under each scenario.

Working Computers
Projected Sales Revenue for Bernoulli
Periods ending December 31,2003 through December 31, 2009
(dollars, in thousands)

|  |  |12/31/2003 |13/31/04 |12/31/2005 |12/31/2006 |12/31/2007 |
|  |12/31/2004 |12/31/2005 |12/31/2006 |12/31/2007 |12/31/2008 |12/31/2009 |
|COGS |74,250 x 60% |93,555 x 60% |121,770 x 60% |130,680 x 60% |130,680 x 60% |130,680 x 60% |
|  |= 44,550.0 |= 50,519.7 |= 65,755,8 |= 70,567.2 |=70,567.2 |= 70,567.2 |
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
|Operating Exp. |74,250 x 24% |50,490 x 26% |28,215 x 26% |23,760 x 26% |23,760 x 26% |23,760 x 26% |
|  |=17,820 |=24,324.3 |=31,660.2 |=33,976.8 |=33,976.8 |=33,976.8 |
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
|Without | | | | | |  |
|Investment: | | | | | |  |
|COGS |74,250 x 60% |50,490 x 60% |28,215 x 60% |23,760 x 60% |23,760 x 60% |23,760 x 60% |
|  |=44,550.0 |=30,294.0 |=16,929.0 |=14,256.0 |=14,256.0 |=14,256.0 |
|  |  |  |  |  |  |  ...

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