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Case 1 Essay

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Case #1
Michael Benavides
Controls at the Bellagio Casino and Resort
The Bellagio Casino and Resort is owned by the MCM Mirage and is one of the 23 properties that they own. The Bellagio is one of the world’s most premier casino resorts. With it they have up to 4,000 employees working 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Of the 4,000 employees 1000 of them work in finance organization, reporting directly to the executive vice president/CFO. The casino consists of 2409 slot machines and 143 gaming tables inside the in 2,000 square foot convention space. In the casino and resort industry they are a very competitive environment and are high regulated by the state of Nevada. The Bellagio ...view middle of the document...

Bill Bingham explains that the Bellagio only hire experienced dealers and assume that they have mastered the technical aspect of dealing.
Pit Bosses
Pit bosses also known as pit managers had a tight control but not as bad as the dealers. They had to provide direct supervision to the front line gaming personnel. Pit bosses earned less than dealers.
Vice President of table games
The Vice President of table games would have the same control as the pit bosses. This is because they are overlooking anything that is going on in that area they are covering. They are responsible of making the employees know the expectation and to protect the casino’s resources.
2.) Prepare a list of the controls described in the case. What control problems are they designed to address?
I. Locked cash boxes on the casino floor
II. Daily cash and coin counts performed by employees who were independent of casino operations
III. Constant observation and supervision of the gaming area
IV. Observation and recording of gaming and other areas by closed circuit television
V. Timely analysis of deviations from expected performance
VI. Constant computer monitoring of slot machines.
These controls were intended to ensure that the casino and the various governmental entities each kept their fair share of the money that was wagered.
3.) Are the managers interviewed for the case justified in being proud of their...

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