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Career Plan Reflection Of Results Essay

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Career Plan Reflection
The Career Plan Building exercises revealed to me the kind of work that I would best excel at based on my career interest profiler, competencies, work culture preferences, and reasoning aptitude activities. My career interest profiler told me that I am enterprising, artistic, and realistic. Enterprising occupations involve leading people and making many decisions. Artistic occupations require self-expression and can be done without following a clear set of rules. Realistic jobs involve work activities that include practical, hands-on problems and solutions. I agreed ...view middle of the document...

These competencies tell me that I am good at producing new ideas, handling criticism well and learning from it, and I like to initiate activities and introduce change into the work process. My work culture preferences results were jobs that are high powered, supportive, and well-resourced. High powered jobs are demanding jobs with the chance to try different jobs or work in different places. Supportive jobs have clearly defined jobs, goals and expectations. Well-resourced jobs offer a comfortable, well-designed work place with all the necessary resources to do high standard work. My reasoning aptitude told me that I would work well in jobs that use both cognitive abilities and practical skills. It said that I would be attracted to jobs that allow me to use both practical skills and thinking. With my military career I believe that I followed that pretty good. This course has helped me learn a better way to communicate with people and I will need those skills in the business world. The career plan building activities showed me that I am a leader and leaders have to be able to communicate well. I will need to persuade people a lot in my career and this course helped make that process a lot easier. Communication is necessary in everything we do and for business it is life.

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