Career Plan Analysis

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Career Plan Analysis Paper
Business Communications for Accountants 230
Chelsea Baker
June 29, 2015
Instructor Christa Deeden

Career Plan Analysis Paper
This course applies to my career plan in many ways. Based on the Career Exploration I have chosen five career options for myself and I feel this will help a lot with a few of them. However the one I am most concerned with is the one at the top of my list which ...view middle of the document...

Being a bookkeeper is a vital part of a company because you are probably handle all the number of the company and because of that many people will look to you to see how the company is doing financially. This course has provided me with information on how to communicate this information properly, which might be the best way to do so and what type of stuff one would need to keep in mind when preparing reports, memos, etc. It has also showed me that it is not as simple as just writing something that there is a proper way to do so and one should be mindful when doing so. It also so thought me that one should do research when dealing with companies of different cultures because it is so easy to say the wrong thing without even knowing it just because words mean different things when you dealing with different cultures. I plan on using as much of what I have learned in this course to put me on the right path for this career.

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