Career Development Plan Part 2 Essay

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Career Development Plan Part II- Development of a Training and Mentoring Progr
March 14, 2011
Julie Gedro

Career Development Plan Part II- Development of a Training and Mentoring Program

With the recent merger of InterClean and EnviroTech, IntrClean has taken a giant step in achieving domestic market dominance in the sanitation industry. With the newly selected sales team in place, it is imperative that InterClean provide its team with the proper training and mentoring program in order to achieve our goal of being the industry’s leader in high quality products and services. The heart of an organization is its employees and its members (Wetland, p.01). With this concept ...view middle of the document...

Eric Borden, Outside Sales Representative prides himself with keeping current on the latest industrial cleaning and sanitation industry developments, as well as on the changes to regulations and compliance issues affecting the industry; his knowledge will be a great asset to this team.
Training and mentoring needs that we have formulated is customer service training which will focus on developing each individual’s skills to form long term customer relationships. Tom Gonzalez, Sales Manager, has gained a reputation for establishing long-term relationships with customers during his 25 years in the industrial cleaning industry. Susan Burnt, Outside Sales Representative understands the importance of providing excellent “after the sale” service, therefore creating long-term relationships with our potential clients.
With the diversity of our new sales team also comes an abundance of sales strategies. In this training and mentoring program our new sales team will formulate new with existing sales strategies to improve Intercleans production rate. Jim Martin, Vice president of sales prides himself on meeting and exceeding his sales plan each year and is not afraid to try new ideas to achieve sales; our new sales team will benefit from his tactics. Dennis White, Outside sales representative, is most happy when he is convincing a customer to buy a new product; utilizing his unique sales strategy.
Mentors can foster teamwork and improve staff motivation, and by sharing their expertise, can also increase employee competency levels (Messmer, p. 17). One objective of the training and mentoring program will be for our new sales team to work together as a team to improve customer satisfaction by building long-term relationships. After this program the sales team will also be aware of ways to keep current with industry products and regulations in order to effectively teach our prospective clients as well. This program will offer new strategic sales strategies in order to expand Intercleans clientele, and maintain current customers.
With the training and mentoring program come many expectations and performance standards. It is InterCleans expectation that our sales team will provide friendly customer service in order to maintain lasting relationships. Our sales team will meet individual and group sales goals as an outcome of this program. Not only will our sales team maintain existing customers, but will also obtain new clientele for our growing business. Through the collaboration and emphasis on teamwork our sales team will conduct weekly meetings and daily conference calls to ensure the team is working as one.
Because David Spencer, President and CEO of InterClean, has stressed the importance of associates understanding the legal, environmental, safety, ethical and regulatory issues that affect sanitation and cleaning in varied industries and settings through urgent memos, the first two weeks of training will consist of formal and informal training...

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