Career Development Plan Essay

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Career Development Plan Summary
This following proposal was design to document a career development policy for new and existing employees to help minimize employee turnover. The proposal is established to offer employees more opportunities for professional development from within Kudler Fine Foods. Active engagement from the management team will be required for the proposal to be effective.
Job Descriptions and Qualifications
To become more in line with the strategic plan, a need to restructure the organization for Kudler Foods was identified. The restructuring will include five additional positions that will be advertised and posted immediately. These positions will consist of ...view middle of the document...

3. Purchasing Manager – Job Description: The Purchasing Manager position will reside at each Kudler Fine Foods locations and will primarily be responsible for food and product procurement as well as inventory management for their assigned store. The Purchasing Manager will be required to have daily interaction with customers to gain a general understanding of the types of products, services and brands customers want. This position will also supervise the daily activities of the stock clerks and assist with product pricing. Job Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in Inventory Management, Economics, Business or Accounting; exceptional written and verbal communication and five to 10 years of professional work experience including management.
Training Program
Although employees are encouraged to seek opportunities for professional development, they must first receive prior approval from the owner or their manager before registering for a class to be attended during work hours and paid for by the company. All employees must register and attend ethics and diversity training to be held online via Webinar. Employees with professional licenses are responsible for maintaining education requirements to keep their licenses active.
Employee and Team Performance Evaluation
Part of employee and team performance evaluations will involve soliciting feedback using the 360 feedback process. Employees will also be required to complete a self assessment to measure their performance. As employees reach significant milestones with team or individual, managers should verbally acknowledge the accomplishment immediately afterwards.
Flexible opportunities are offered to employees at Kudler Foods ensure high performance. When employees lack the skills or training needed to perform a particular task, management should work with the employee to identify training and cross-training opportunities for the employee. Employees are required to attend online diversity training to assist them with adapting to different personalities and perspectives that exist within teams.
Challenges of Team Performance
Some employees prefer individual appraisal systems because they are based only their efforts instead of the collective efforts of several employees within a team. Team members must have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and how it aligns with the organization’s strategy (Zigon, 1994). Because team members rely on each other to accomplish certain parts of the objective, a level of trust must exist among team members. Team appraisals are a way for managers to assess how well individual employees collaborate within a team environment to accomplish their objectives. Managers should solicit feedback from several members of an employee’s the team prior to their performance review.
As with all employee evaluations, managers and employees must establish a relationship where they must get to know each other personally and learn their work...

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