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Cardiovascular Disease Information Essay

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Cardiovascular Disease Information
HCA 240
March 30, 2014
DeAnna Maddox

“Cardiovascular disease includes a range of diseases that affect the heart and the blood vessels.” (Chapter 6 Diseases of the Cardiovascular System page 117) Cardiovascular disease is also known as heart disease. There are different types of cardiovascular disease. Some types of cardiovascular disease are heart failure, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, and congenital heart defects.
“The most common cause of heart disease is narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries, the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart ...view middle of the document...

One symptom of a heart attack is pains in the neck, jaw, back, chest, shoulder, or arm. Some other symptoms could be fatigue and shortness of breath.
Cardiovascular disease is treatable. In order to manage cardiovascular disease you have to eat healthy, make lifestyle changes, and take your medication if prescribed by a doctor. A life style change would be exercise. You also need to know the risk factors of cardiovascular disease. You should not smoke and avoid second hand smoke. Make sure you have a healthy diet. If you are at risk for cardiovascular disease you should make sure that you take all the steps necessary to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.
Cardiovascular disease is any type of disease that affects the cardiovascular system. There are several types of cardiovascular disease. The two common causes of this disease are hypertension and atherosclerosis. There are other symptoms as well. Cardiovascular disease is treatable. It is important that you eat healthy and exercise. If you take medication it is important to take your medication as your doctor prescribes. If you do not change your life style and eating habits your medication is not going to do but so much. If you continue to do the same things that caused you to have cardiovascular disease then what is the point in taking your medication?


Chapter 6 Diseases of the Cardiovascular System Page 117 Medline Plus

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