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Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease
Cardiovascular disease is known as a disease that affects the heart or blood vessel within the heart. Cardiovascular is one of the biggest causes in deaths all over the world. Cardiovascular can affect families with medical family history, smokers, obesity, age, gender and people with breast cancer. Men and women are exposed to this disease and there is treatment available for this disease.
A cardiovascular symptom ranges from chest pain, discomfort, aching, burning, and ...view middle of the document...

Many cardiovascular attacks can range from heart attacks, irregular heartbeats or even death. If you have a strong medical family history the best management for prevent cardiovascular is to have healthy dieting and annual health visits to monitor your health.
Prevention can come in many ways than one such as visits to your doctor, exercising, and healthy eating. Prevent awareness is always offered in local communities or doctors’ office. Knowing your blood pressure can also help with this disease along with not smoking. Maintain a good weight can help decrease cardiovascular diseases. Obesity can make blood pressure rises as well as cholesterol putting you at risk for cardiovascular disease. Prevention is a serious method to decreasing the rate of having a cardiovascular disease.
Cardiovascular symptoms should always be taken seriously to any person that may be in high increases for this disease. Many people have token notice of the high rate and now using prevents awareness to their community to lower the rate of this disease.

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