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Car Rental Essay

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The advantage of having a car is that you can travel anywhere you want at any time without having to transfer from one vehicle to another. But it is not easy for an individual to have a car. Mainly because all cars are expensive and not affordable. That’s why some organizations offer a rent a vehicle service. Customers can call or walk-in in order to rent or reserve a vehicle. The current system is maybe error prone and customers are dissatisfied. An Online Vehicle Reservation and Rental System is being considered in order to reduce and totally eliminate loss of customers to competitors, and save the company from ...view middle of the document...

.. Its Development... And Future
Harris Saunders, a partner with his three brothers in a struggling real estate firm, was out for a spin in his Moline Dreadnaught with his current sweetheart when the car broke down. Harris had to have the Dreadnaught towed back to town where it was determined that it would be inoperative for several weeks. Harris' brother Joe was dismayed when he learned the news as the Dreadnaught was also used for business and without it, Joe realized that it would be difficult to travel around Omaha to sell lots and houses. It was then that Joe came up with the idea that was to launch a billion dollar industry. Why not rent a car?
Vehicle renting has grown so popular in recent years that some may regard it as a recent development. One of the first references to the rental of a car is found in the Minneapolis Journal of July 22, 1904 when a bicycle shop devoted a line of an advertisement to announcing that it offered cars for rent. The renting business has come a long way since the Saunders brothers and Walter Jacobs started out.

Renting a Car
Travelling by car can get you places which can be very difficult to reach by public transport or tour. It gives you the convenience of going your own way, in your own time, and it can often be cheaper than public transport alternatives, especially if travelling as a couple or a group. The decision over whether to book...

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