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Car Mexico Vs Usa Essay

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April 10th, 2012



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GDP per capita analysis

The GDP per capita in Mexico was last reported at 6105 US dollars in December of 2010, according to the World Bank. Previously, the GDP per capita in Mexico was 5865 US dollars in December of 2009. Historically, from 1960 until 2010, Mexico's average GDP Per Capita was 4676.17 dollars reaching an historical high of 6333.08 dollars in December of 2007 and a record low of 2554.28 dollars in December of 1960. Exhibit B
In Mexico the current cost of diabetes for the GDP is about 1.8% per year represents 7 billion dollar which means that every person in Mexico spent the 1.8% of their GDP in diabetes by indirect and direct cost.

The GDP per capita in the United States was last reported at 37527 US dollars in December of 2010, according to the World Bank. Previously, the GDP per capita in the United States raised at 36677 US dollars in December of 2009.. Historically, from 1960 until 2010, the United States' average GDP Per Capita was 25892.70 dollars reaching an historical high of 38699.01 dollars in December of 2007 and a record low of 14091.08 dollars in December of 1960. Exhibit C

In United States the investment for diabetes is about $ 176 billion dollar indirect and direct cost for diabetes attention but this amount represents only the .13% of the total GDP ($13,800 us billion) invested in diabetes indirectly or directly.

Inflation patterns for both countries

The inflation rate in Mexico was last reported at 3.9 percent in February of 2012. From 1974 until 2010, the average inflation rate in Mexico was 29.47 percent reaching an historical high of 179.73 percent in February of 1988 and a record low of 2.91 percent in November of 2005. Exhibit D

The inflation rate in United States was last reported at 2.9 percent in February of 2012. The Labor Department said the consumer price index rose 0.4 percent in February, the largest increase in 10 months, largely because of higher gasoline prices. From 1914 until 2010, the average inflation rate in United States was 3.38 percent reaching an historical high of 23.70 percent in June of 1920 and a record low of -15.80 percent in June of 1921. Exhibit E

As we can see inflation in Mexico and US is not higher than 5% but impacted directly diabetes treatment that every year increase at least 2.9% in US and 3.9% in Mexico as we have seen the trend in the last years.

Capital flight

The Mexican Peso exchange rate appreciated 0.73 percent against the US Dollar during the last month. During the last 12 months, the Mexican Peso exchange rate depreciated 6.21 percent against the US Dollar. Historically, from 1972 until 2012 the USDMXN exchange averaged 7.54 reaching an historical high of 15.57 in March of 2009 and a record low of 0.01 in May of 1972.

The United States Dollar (DXY) remained unchanged during the last month. During the last 12 months, the United States Dollar (DXY) appreciated 7.10 percent against a basket of currencies. Historically, from 1967...

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