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Capitalizing Essay

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Capitalizing On India's Demographic Advantage

India’s population for the year 2011 has been marked as 1.21 billion. A huge one when compared to the other countries, except China, for sure. It has around 17.31% of the total world population and it wouldn’t surprise me if one out of every six person in the world is- an Indian. And if one ponders to the question- “what India is doing to stop it?” Then the answer is nothing but make the best use of it, or in other terms capitalising on its demographic advantage. ...view middle of the document...

It has been credited to the never-ending poverty, floating illiteracy and falling mortality rate.

Though the overtly-populous country has been in the news continuously for a decade now, but it’s all for the right reasons, and especially for how it is taking on its economy to a higher level.

India has more than 50% of its population under the age of 25, and around 65% of its population under the age of 35.

With a whopping population growth rate, India will soon topple China, by the end of 2030.

Since its Independence, India has grown almost three times in its population.

The demographic developments in the BRICs over the next 10, 20, 30 years will vary greatly.

This will impact not only economic growth prospects, but also savings and investment behaviour and potentially – if somewhat difficult to quantify – financial market growth prospects.

India is demographically in a substantially more favourable position than China and Russia.

So even though in the current scenario, India may not exactly be mentioned in the...

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