Capital Structure Essay

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Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment with Google
Geraldine Burroughs
Professor Berkina Porter
BUS322 – Organizational Behavior
February 9, 2014

According to Jane Williams, industrial organization psychologist, from Indiana University and Purdue University says that Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction are two are the most important work attitudes needed in today’s organizational psychology. Organizational commitment and job satisfaction are very closely related to each other. Job satisfaction is defined “a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one's job and job ...view middle of the document...

Theories of Job Satisfaction

There are numerous theories attempting to explain job satisfaction, but three conceptual frameworks seem to be more prominent. The first is content theory, which suggests that job satisfaction occurs when one’s need for growth and self-actualization are met by the individual’s job. The second conceptual framework is often referred to as process theory, which tries to explain job satisfaction by looking at how well the job meets one’s expectations and values. The third conceptual group includes situational theories, which proposes that job satisfaction is a product of how well an individual’s personal characteristics interact or mesh with the organizational characteristics.

The same is true about organization commitment and how closely related it is closely related it is job satisfaction. It is not surprising that humans develop an attachment to their job given all of the other lings in life that humans are attached to (Williams, J.2004). For example people are firmly attached to their religious beliefs and attached to exercising, and to going to school. But in order to discuss how closely related organizational relationship and job satisfaction are, it is important to define organizational commitment. Organizational commitment is defined as “The strength of individuals' identification with and involvement in a particular organization.”(Mowday, Porter, & Steers, 1982).

It appears that Google has not conquered this concept. The job market is picking up, and workers are increasingly jumping ship. A new Payscale report published on Thursday ranked Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company as having the highest turnover rate out of all of the Fortune 500 companies. Average employee tenure was a little over nine months. Other companies with high turnover include Amazon, AFLAC, and Google with employees sticking around...

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