Capital One Bank Customer Service Training Design

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Capital One Bank Customer Service Training Design

Capital One Bank’s business strategy has been to buy regional banks to get access to their deposits, which the company uses as a cheap source of funding for its more lucrative, high annual percentage rate, credit card operations; an internal growth strategy. There is a dichotomy in their customer service strategy; the banking operation requires a relationship with the customer that allows the customer to feel that their money is going to be taken care of. The credit card operation requires a relationship with the customer that allows the customer to feel that they will be taken care of when there is an absence of money.
The customer service issues arise by introducing a new task and possibly new technology to both the existing banking employees and existing credit card employees. Focus groups of Subject matter experts, questionnaires, online ...view middle of the document...

pg.107). Real time training can be used in instances where employees are experiencing difficulties with a customer and a manager is not available. Therefore Incumbent’s computer literacy should be analyzed and requests for proposals should be sent to a number of vendors to determine which vendor can introduce the software and effectively train the staff in its efficient and effective use (Noe pg. 112). Questionnaires and Interviews should be used for task analysis, what the employees are actually doing when they interact with customers and how does it compare to what they should be doing; and person analysis to get a gauge on incumbents cognitive abilities, expectations and drive patterns (Noe Pg.114,126). Focus groups of subject matter experts will be the most important part of the analysis. The banks that Capital One Bank has purchased have billions of dollars in deposits as a result of successful business strategies and skilled incumbents. There is no better way to determine the needs of the new iterations of Capital One Banks than to pick the brains of the most successful from each new component. Determine what their training issues were, what knowledge skills and abilities were most useful in their day to day operations, what tools did they use and what tools did they research for possible future use in case of growth and how to operate in an ever changing economic environment (Noe pg 106).
Capital One Bank is a successful company, an alpha bank that survived the financial crisis with enhanced market share and enhanced pricing power and seamlessly took over a bank that had operated successfully for 40 years in wealthy region in a wealthy area of the country in the middle of that crisis. Capital One Bank’s job incumbents have to bare a large responsibility for that success so it would be a crime to not use what got them to where they are now and develop training for the sake of training. 
Noe, R.A. (2010). Employee Training and Development (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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