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Cancer Essay

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University Composition and Communications ll

Stephanie Marschner

One of the most famous testicular cancer survivors said, “Pain is temporary, quitting last forever!” –Lance Armstrong

Cancer remains the second most common cause of death in the US, accounting for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths. Is being diagnosed with testicular cancer, a death sentence? Testicular cancer is not common; a man’s lifetime risk of getting it is about 1 in 270. The risk of dying from this cancer is about 1 in 5,000. Every year, in the U.S., an estimated 8500 men are diagnosed with testicular cancer and about 350 die from the disease. That averages to every hour of every day some man ...view middle of the document...

Moses, felt at rest after knowing that it was just a normal procedure.

Immediately following the MRI, the radiologist contacted Moses doctors and confirmed what the doctors suspected all along. During the MRI examination, a large mass was discovered in the upper chest cavity, near Moses collar bone. This was a large mass about the size of a racket ball and surgery was needed immediately.

The doctors called Moses in a requested he bring his wife. Moses at this point was frightened, and concerned about what was found during the MRI exam. Moses and family meet with the doctors, and the doctors began to share details about what was found during the MRI exam. The doctors got right to the point and wanted Moses and family to know that whatever is inside Moses, they would remove it. They did not want to cause any stress, after all there was the possibility for the tumor to be benign.

The doctors never told Moses, that he had cancer, they just told him that he had a large mass, near his collar bone and that he cannot be deployed until after the mass has been removed, and biopsy show no signs of cancer. The doctors wasted to time and told Moses, that the surgery is needed now. Moses only had a few minutes with his family, before being wheeled away in a wheel chair.

The surgery took more than nine hours to complete, however, while Moses was in post surgery, one of the doctors came out to speak to the family. The family was told that the surgery was not 100 percent successful and that more tests will be needed, but based on their experience; Moses has a very aggressive cancer, most likely testicular cancer. The news stunned the Moses family, who never even considered “Cancer” before that day, let alone hear that your husband may be in the later stages of testicular cancer.

This story is just one of many stories out there, where people all over the world share the same situation. Like...

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