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College life for many students means freedom and a chance to find ones true self. As students leave home for college parents are proud but also worry about what awaits the incoming freshman. Crime is present even on campuses and some may argue that crime is more prevalent on college campuses. Some campuses have more crime than others and it largely depends on the city. Under aged drinking, drug use, and rape are the major crimes people fear when attending college.
Research by Noonan and Vavra stated that school related crime is “one of the most troublesome social problems in the nation” (Hess & Orthmann, p. 251). This type of crime is something that does not need to be over looked but ...view middle of the document...

This allows the officers to focus on the needs to the students and the university. Officers can also respond quicker to calls for help or deviant acts. Most high schools have resource officers which can prepare students to have someone to turn to with great authority when they reach college. The first campus police force was established in 1894 at Yale University (Hess & Orthmann, p. 254). The first campus police were not highly educated and did not have proper facilities for work, but it was the beginning to something that would become much larger. Most university police forces today have complete authority and can write tickets and make arrests. Some officers carry cuffs, tasers, or guns. One requirement of campus law enforcement is to report appropriately in accordance with the Clergy Act. The clergy act was created after the rape and murder of Jeanne Ann Clergy April 5, 1986. The offenses occurred in her own dorm room while she was asleep. The Clergy Act requires all campuses to disclose information regarding crime near and on the premises.
Other steps to ensure safety for the students and faculty of universities include crisis plans, technology, and zero tolerance policies. Officers of universities know the grounds well and are familiar with evacuation procedures. Crisis planning ensures that everyone is taken care of in a manner that is safe and effective. Examples of crisis planning are fire drills, tornado drills, and evacuations. Most buildings will also have maps that inform people of where to go for particular situations. Advancement in technology has helped law enforcement in all areas. Constant surveillance provides officers with eyes all over campus and evidence of offenses. This does not replace footwork but when accompanied with footwork coverage and help are greatly expanded. Text alerts and emails have also been utilized by campuses. Students nearly always have their phone on them which makes communication of dangerous events on campus and near campus quick and effective. By communicating to students that something has happened students know they need to be alert and possibly even go home. Though some cell phone policies in classrooms keep students from using and checking their phones, which creates a delay in the chain of communication. A delayed reaction to a notification can be better than none at all. The next step in safety is creating policies. Many campuses have zero-tolerance policies that establish punishments for specific offenses. The zero-tolerance policies are typically policies that based on common sense. Policies such as no weapons and no tobacco are common policies. Some campuses are even considered to be dry campuses and have a no alcohol policy. Students will still break these policies, but by setting out the punishment in advance students are aware of boundaries and consequences. Punishments can include suspension or expulsion from the university.
Most female students fear rape or theft and will...

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