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Campaign Election Essay

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We are honored to introduce the next governor of the Red Lone State that is Texas, Ms. Jane "Bitzi" Johnson Miller. She is a Conservative Republican with humble beginnings born and raised on a ranch in West Texas. She has profound origins in Texas as she comes from generations of proud Texans. The prosperous entrepreneur is the granddaughter of former governor Joe "Big Daddy" Johnson who was the Texas governor in 1954-1958. As a highly educated individual that knows what it is to work hard and strive for what she wants, being a pro-business individual she started her own software company in Dallas back in 1993 and later sold to Dell Company in 2014 for $2.5 million dollars.
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“No Democrat has won a statewide race since 1994, which is another way of saying the winner of the Republican primaries and runoffs has won every statewide election for almost the past two decades” (Austin American-statesman, 2014). Although South Texas is considered traditionalistic, it has a history of low voter turnout due to its Hispanic population not voting, Jane “Bitzi” Johnson Miller would not do that great in this region because of the increase of Hispanic population who have more democratic views. “Texas will look very different in 20 years as a changing ethnic makeup affects the way people vote” (Williams, 2014). Traditionally, a leader in Texas is selected based on their party affiliation and ideology. Being a granddaughter of a conservative former leader, Jane is likely to gain support from those who will like to maintain their old fashion culture and traditional ways.
Demographic Support
Texas is mostly urban and has the biggest employment generated by the computer and technology industries, Jane “Bitzi” Miller Johnson being a successful entrepreneur with experience in the technology field would be very successful and appealing to the larger economic groups who are composed of republicans and educated individuals. In addition, growing up in a ranch gives her the benefit of gaining support from the agricultural region which are made up of farmers. This gives her an advantage in where she can relate to them and know about the lifestyle since she has the experience living in this region. Although Texas is a diverse state with many ethnicities and races in their population based on Texas history the majority of voters have always been white and tend to vote republican. Therefore, Jane “Bitzi” Miller Johnson has a stronger chance of gaining support from the majority group of voters since they share a common background and race. Also being a prosperous entrepreneur and a mother of two grown children she can easily appeal to the female gender. She embodies what a successful strong women should be and she can empower women from all walks of life to become their own successful independent women.
Campaign Themes
As a candidate running for governor in Texas, Jane “Bitzi” Miller Johnson has to prioritize specific concerns that the state might want addressed. It is important to focus on selected themes that will affect and appeal to the intended audience. Some issues facing Texas are education, cutting taxes and immigration which are common issues spoken about in a daily basis. Jane “Bitzi” would have to be smart about how she approaches these issues and make a clear statement on her perspective on these issues and what she can change to improve these specific topics.
With Texas continuing growth in the minority population the demand for public education has increased which will add on to the already issue of providing high quality public education. “ Texas rank dead last among states, with 79.6 percent of its population...

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