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Cameras Equal Change Essay

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Cameras Equal Change
Keenan McGee
December 15th, 2014
Amanda McClure

Cameras Equal Change
Every year there are hundreds of men and young men being profiled or targeted by overzealous police officers resulting in the deaths of multiple black youth. While some act unlawfully, there are some that do uphold the law. In light of recent deaths of Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Eric Garner in New York City, twelve year old Tamir Rice also in New York and John Crawford, III in an Ohio Wal-Mart all with no indictments issued, police have to find a way to regain the public’s trust. I believe body cameras and an outside agency monitoring these cameras could change the way police ...view middle of the document...

Let’s look at the case of Officer Darren Wilson and Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. There were several “witnesses” to what happened and then there is Officer Wilson’s account to what happened. Unfortunately, the only definite thing in the case is that an unarmed young man lost his life. By Officer Wilson’s account he acted within the law and felt his life was in danger. Witnesses say otherwise. This is where a body camera could have meant life or death, indictment or no indictment. As there would not have been two different accounts, there would only be what the camera captured. Point being, an officer wearing a body camera captures actual footage.
Body cameras have been proven to change the behavior of officers when they have to confront a suspect. Lieutenant Harold Rankin, who oversaw the body-warn camera program in Mesa, Arizona stated, “Anytime you know you’re being recorded, it’s going to have an impact on your behavior. When our officers encounter a confrontational situation, they’ll tell the person that the camera is running. That’s often enough to deescalate the situation.” Police executives report that wearing the has increased the professionalism among their officers. Chief Superintendent Cullen of New South Wales stated,”...

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