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Calvin Essay

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Assignment 1
Due date: Length: 24 Nov 2014 The total length of essay-type questions should not exceed 2,000 words. Those exceeding the upper word limit will be strictly penalized. Coverage: Units 1–2

Important note You must use word processing software (such as Microsoft Word) to prepare the TMAs, and submit the TMAs via the Online Learning Environment (OLE). All assignments must be uploaded to the OLE by the due date. Failure to upload a TMA in the required format to the OLE may result in the score of the TMA being adjusted to zero.

Question 1 (20 marks)
For each of the following ten sub-questions, select the best answer. Each correct answer is worth 2 marks. ...view middle of the document...

Doug sees nothing wrong with his behavior since he feels inadequately paid. In terms of the stages of moral development, Doug is operating at which level? A postconventional B legally mandated C preconventional D none of the above


Which of the following is a recommendation for how managers can model and encourage ethical behavior in employees? A use resources only for company business B handle information in a confidential and honest manner C set reasonable rather than unreasonable goals D all of the above


The ________ perspective is that management's social responsibility goes beyond making profits to include protecting and improving society's welfare. A socio-cultural B socio-economic C socio-legal D socio-political

Assignment File



Neither Chile nor Peru has a mass-market café culture, but this fact has not stopped Starbucks from trying to determine what can be done to make its coffee houses successful in those markets. By recognizing that people in these two South American countries do not drink coffee as people in the United States do and that it needs to change this habit, Starbucks has begun a __________ process with problem identification. A rational decision-making B trend analysis C satisficing D selection of optimal solutions


Japanese-based Bandai, the world's third-biggest toymaker, plans to acquire several smaller companies in an effort to knock Mattel out of its first place in the industry. Due to _____, it will not have access to all of the information it would need to make a 100% satisfactory selection of the toy manufacturers it needs to acquire to reach its goal. A bounded rationality B satisficing standards C resource maximization barriers D synergistic issues

10 Darren Zhang of the University Career Center received word of a job opportunity from a marketing consulting firm, and he sent the e-mail on to all marketing majors. Darren is playing a(n) __________ role. A interpersonal B technical C informational D liaison

Question 2 (20 marks)
a You have studied and understood well the contingency approach to management. However, your boss, who has a background in engineering, is not so convinced about the usefulness of this approach. How can an approach in which we say ‘it depends on the situation’ be useful to managers? Explain. (10 marks) Explain, with illustrations based on an organization which is familiar to you, the four factors in an organization’s specific environment. (10 marks)



MGT B240 Principles and Practices of Management

Question 3 (30 marks)
a Social responsibility was hardly thought of in the old days. A company’s most important goal was to maximize profit for its shareholders. Today, for-profit enterprises generally make a point of ‘putting something back’ into society as well as taking something out. Not everyone, however, agree with these new priorities. Identify and explain five arguments in favor of social responsibility and five arguments...

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