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Call Into The Wild Essay

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Summary of Call into the wild
Chapter 1
Buck, the protagonist of the story, gets introduced to the reader. Even though he’s a dog, it seems that he’s sentimental. Judge Miller is his owner. They live in a big house in Santa Clara Valley, California where the weather is very sunny. Judge Miller is wealthy. One of Judge Miller’s gardener’s, Manuel, steals and then sells Buck because he needs to feed his family. A man with a red sweater buys Buck. He doesn’t treat Buck well, beating him, and soon Buck lives under ‘’the law of club’’ . He’s later sold to two French-Canadian men, Perrault and Francois. Contrary to the man with the red sweater, they treat Buck rather nicely. They travel northward, where Buck sees snow for the first time.

Chapter 2
In the second chapter Buck gets to know ‘’the law of fang’’. Buck is also adapting to the snowy landscape, where he will be at for a long time. He’s part of a group of sled pulling dogs which is lead by Perrault and Francois. The ...view middle of the document...

Now Buck is the alpha dog. More fights occur between Buck and Spitz. One of them gets interrupted by Francois, after he whips Spitz. Later Buck chases a rabbit, ending with a fight over the rabbit between the former and actual alpha dog, which is won by the latter. Buck and the team are treated well by Francois and Perrault, but when a dog named Dolly attacks Buck she is killed by Francois.

Chapter 4
Buck is still the leader of the group, because he has managed to do a better job than Spitz. Francois and Perrault aren’t their leaders anymore, and the dogs get new owners. This affects Buck, causing him to recall all those goodbyes with his former leaders. Buck dreams about how his ancestors lived by their instincts in absence of civilized men. Another dog, Dave, from the sled pulling team dies.

Chapter 5
Charles, Hal and Mercedes are the new owners of the dogs. They aren’t managing the team in a good way. The dogs get tired and lack proper nutrition. The team of dogs disappear after falling through the thin ice. Buck had warned them, and after the incident he lives with Thornton. He feels great with John Thornton. Before the team fell through the ice, Thornton had threatened Hal that if he didn’t stop beating Buck, he would kill him. Thanks to him, Buck is cut free from the sled, thus surviving unlike the rest of the dogs and Hal, Charles and Mercedes.

Chapter 6
Buck really appreciates John Thornton’s way of treating him and vice versa. John Thornton gets into a bar fight, and is saved by Buck. Later John Thornton bets that Buck can pull a load of a thousand pounds, and Buck does so, winning Thornton a huge amount of money. Thornton didn’t even have the money he beated with the other men. Buck is now very enviable to other men who want to buy him. They offer lots of money but John Thornton refuses to sell him at all costs.

Chapter 7
Buck is attracted by the call of the wild. His dreams have inspired him to go live that life which appears in his visions. This affects Buck’s way of hunting, making him more cynical. Buck leaves the camp for a while, and when he return he finds all of his known ones have been killed. The people who did it were a native American tribe called ‘’Yeehats’’. Buck is furious and attacks the, killing two of them. After the fight he meets a flock of gray wolves and lives with them.

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