Call Center Planning Process Essay

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Call Center Planning Process

Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs

Health Care Management

HCS 325

Karissa Stewart

May 05, 2013

Call Center Planning Process

The process in place for answering phone calls at Synergy Orthopedics needs additional

resources to allow better customer service. The call volume has doubled in the year since the

Physicians have started taking more ER, emergency room, call. The hold time for patients

calling to schedule appointments has also increased that is a direct reflection on the office. To

promote better customer service I am proposing the idea of rotating the current staff through a

schedule of solely answering the incoming phone ...view middle of the document...

The employees are

cross-trained to cover jobs in the office except for takings x-rays. I propose that daily one

employee is stationed in the call center to answer the majority of the incoming calls. One person

alone will not be able to answer all the calls so the entire staff must work as a team to answer the

overflow calls. I believe this will help with messages left by patients whose call has been missed

and hold times because of the volume of calls. With one person responsible for the majority of

the calls coming into the office customer service will improve because the patients will speak

with a person more often than leaving a message.

Teams in other industries

The use of teams is not only a practice used in health care. Teamwork is used in

companies in all industries to get the most ideas and work from employees. Teamwork between

employees and management can produce efficient results for the organization. Blending ideas


from several employees on a team gives the opportunity to create the best outcome for the

project. If changes need to be made after the implementation of the previous team idea the team

can meet again and re-evaluate to make changes. The employees that have to carry out the

changes are a great sounding board for changes.

Synergy Orthopedics can learn from other companies on how to use teamwork in

different ways. “A team is a small group of people with complementary skills, who work

together to achieve a shared purpose and hold themselves mutually accountable for its

accomplishment. Teamwork is the process of people working together to accomplish these

goals” (Lombardi, Schermerhorn, & Kramer, 2007, p. 91). Implementing the single person call

center and using the established teamwork is vital to making the organization successful.

Researching companies in other industries for the teamwork structures they use is a good source

of new ideas for Synergy Orthopedics.

Industry lessons applied in health care

Researching companies’ attempts at teamwork can give positive and negative feedback.

Utilizing current technology to learn the successes and mistakes of other companies can be the

beginning step to approaching a team project. Acquiring fresh ideas creates a productive team


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