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Tamara Caldwell

How important do you think the Cairo Accord is? The Cairo Accord is a vital tool that was set forth for the main purpose assisting the LDC in providing access to healthcare to woman for the sake of education, curbing the population and reducing poverty. That would enable them to better help themselves and their communities.
Do you think the American position represented by President Bush’s objections is a reasonable one? I believe that Bush decision to stop funding was political beneficial for him. He used the ...view middle of the document...

What about the position as reflected by President Obama’s recent action. That he made his decision based on what is right and wrong. However I could be wrong his could as well been just as politically based Bush was. I believe that however his character leads to be more in the direction of what is right. I like his state that it’s a woman right. I think that when he sign the executive order reversing the band. Will it’s not just for woman to have abortion it’s to have healthcare period.
Is there a correct moral path here? I think the moral bath is what is right and sometimes that is clouded by what or on personal beliefs are. It’s sometime difficult to step outside the box and see a different perspective when your judgment hindered. But I’ve learned in order to grow we must sometime set our personal beliefs aside and do what is in the better good all. Providing what a woman needs to help prevent unwanted pregnancies leads to fewer abortions. I believe that we all have a choice that just as there should be a separation of church and state. There should be a separation in regard to the choices we make for our personal lives.

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