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Bye Bye Muffin Top Essay

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Weijen Chen
Professor Nathan Price
ENGL 1010-16
20 February 2016
Bye Bye Muffin Top
Health is the most vital thing that affects everything through out our whole life. Without a healthy body, people may suffer from illness and could not have the ability to do everything that they want to do. Unfortunately, today, there are a lot of illnesses and health problems that come from modern technology. These modern inventions lead to some bad habits like overusing smartphones and avoiding walking. However, these problems need to be changed if people want to have a healthy and stable life.
According to "Modern-Day Health Woes, Solved", the author Laura Beil mentioned that overusing smartphones ...view middle of the document...

Thus, I think my belly fat is the apple-shaped.
I have a great determination and an enthusiastic heart for losing my abdominal fat. Not just because for my health, but also for my figure of beauty. To accomplish my goal, I decided to plan a losing tubby tummy program for myself. This task divided into two parts. The first one is about exercise, and the second one is about diet. For exercise, I do spot exercising, such as doing sit-ups. However, from “ Abdominal fat and what to do about it” the author mentioned that sit-ups can tighten abdominal muscles, but it won’t get at visceral fat. So, apart from spot exercising, I need to do another exercise to losing the fat in lower body, such as breaststroke swimming. This is because it can lose the extra weight in my lower body.
For the second one, eating my way to fitness; I planned to eat light at night. Tallmadge and Katherine, the authors of “The Flat Abs Diet” mentioned in their article, that when people eat light at night, “You'll wake up with a flatter tummy, and you'll also have a better appetite for a fiber-rich breakfast, which sets you up for a day of healthful eating…If you have to eat at night because you're hungry, stick with fruit, vegetables and other foods that are low in fat, calories and sodium”. Drinking more water is also important for losing belly fat. “Even though we associate water with being bloated, drinking more water can help to flush sodium out of the body, and that reduces the bloat,” said Jeff Hampl, Ph.D., R.D., nutrition researcher and assistant professor at Arizona State University.
I started up this program a few weeks ago. I go swimming two times a week and do sit-ups every night before I go to sleep. Also, I drink more water than before and have a light dinner everyday. For swimming, I keep practicing my breaststroke to lose my lower body fat. Virtually, swimming makes me have a double benefit: one is losing fat, and the other one is learning how to swim. Because I did not know how to swim before, through this program I began to know some tips of swimming. For doing sit-up, I added more times for each week. In the first week, I did 30 sit-ups before I went to bed. Then, in the second week, I did 40 sit-ups, and so on. Unless I was swimming and doing sit-ups, I have also plan for light dinner. My favorite part is that I have an invention for the recipe, which is low fat and low in calories. I invented a cabbage mike soup, which is mixed with an egg. The first time, I just cooked a cabbage soup for my dinner. Later, I felt it was not nutritious enough, so, on the next night, I added fat-free milk and an egg into my cabbage soup. It tastes better and...

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