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Bussiness Essay

719 words - 3 pages

Fall 2015

Competitive Strategy

Assignment Questions
< Amazon,Apple,facebook,and Google>



Define the contested boundaries among Amazon, Apple, facebook and Google.
For each contested boundary that you have identified, how is the contest likely to play out?
How many contests give rise to winner-take-all markets? How many to always-a-share
markets? How will the complex ecosystems, in which online businesses are built on top of
other online businesses, and third-party sellers that rely on platforms, evolve?
Identify a firm that you know something about, for example a media company, a retailer, or
manufacturing firm, with some involvement in the online economy. ...view middle of the document...




Why is IBM interested in creating “even bigger change” in society? To whom is this
important? How has this goal been developed and disseminated within the company? Is
this an effective way to set the stage for external social change projects?
What are the Key elements of IBM’s strategy for deploying its resources toward social
change? Is this strategy producing results, and for whom? How do they know if it is
Pick a social or environmental cause you care about-identify it and prepare a proposal to
IBM to show why your cause would be good for IBM, and why they should support it.

Fall 2015

Competitive Strategy


How would you characterize the differences between Blockbuster’s and Netflix’s
business models?
Was Netflix disruptive? How? How would you evaluate Blockbuster’s response?
Did Reed Hastings make the right move in trying to separate the DVD-by-mail
business from the streaming business? How do you think he should proceed now? .

< Barns & Noble>

What are the advantages of a dedicated e-book reader like the non-tablet Nook? To
whom would such a...

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