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Businesses Essay

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Background Data
Colgate Palmolive Company once is a minor candle and soap processor but the company have grown to a powerful consumer products on earth due the aggressive acquisition of other firm. A tiny manufacturing facility and retail shop in making and selling starch, soap and candle has been launched by William Colgate, a 23 years old English who has migrated to America in the year of 1806. Francis Smith has joined William Colgate in his business in the following year and the little facility was renamed as Smith and Colgate.
Colgate has the product line of toothpaste and it has cut down the cost by experimenting starch as low cost filler in his hand soap in 1820 and sooner and ...view middle of the document...

Target market segment and Consumer Analysis
Market segmentation is a division of a market by using a strategy to obtain a major portion of sales to a subgroup in a category other than more limited shares of purchases by all category users. Market segmentation is also to identify the segment within the market and population then evaluate the potential of each segment follow by selecting the segment then targeting at the specific segment and groups of people so that they can apply the marketing mix (product, promotion, place and price) into each of the specific segment selected.
The first target segment on the consumer for Colgate is based on the demographic segmentation which is the factor of ages. There are two categories of ages that we targeted at are kids who ages 3-12 years old and the teenagers to the old folks who ages more than 13 years old. Kids who are still young and they most probably would not care about the actual function of the toothpaste and so we have come out with different types of taste of fruits so that kids will prefer the sweet taste that abstract from the fruits compared to the “spicy” taste contain in the adult’s toothpaste and then it will be one of our consumer that can be targeted at. We also use some cartoon characters for the design of the Colgate’s toothpaste packaging. For the teenagers and until the old folks, we have stress more on the function of the toothpaste based on every weakness that they have for their teeth such as whitening, sensitivity of the teeth, bad breath and etc.
Besides that, we also targeted the consumer based on the benefit segmentation. Nowadays, many people will stress more on the benefit of the certain product as they want to look and feel good after using that certain product and so Colgate has came out with different type of function that will ease the consumer to cure the weakness of consumer have for their teeth. For nowadays consumer wanted to stress more on the benefit of the product and so we have choose to target in this segment and it can lead us to more profit earned. Colgate have came out with the Colgate Max Fresh which will give the consumer the feel of refreshing for their teeth, Colgate Sensitive which can used by those consumer who have the sensitivity of teeth, Colgate Advanced whitening for consumer who want to have a white teeth, Colgate Total for consumer who want to have a longer time of protection for the teeth and so on.
From times goes by, consumers’ thinking and lifestyle has changed. One of the factors that change in the consumer environment is social force. People tend to follow the trend and also want the most convenience ways for their life. The first toothpaste product that came out by Colgate is Colgate Ribbon Dental Cream which contain the Gardol formula only have the basic function that help to protect teeth from cavacities and tooth decay. But from the times goes on, consumer are more keen on wanting everything for the best for their ownself...

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