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Business Types Essay

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Communication 220 Final Review
1) This is not a cumulative exam. It will cover only information not covered on Exam #1 and #2.

2) The exam will be 40 multiple choice and 10 T/F questions; each question will be worth 2 points

3) Bring two numbers 2 pencils.

4) If you are a student with a disability send me an email reminding me of the accommodations we discussed so that I can be sure to get your exam to its proper location.

5) You are welcome to attend my office hours this week to review your first or second exam.

6) The exam questions will come predominantly from course lecture and the specific chapters and materials covered are listed ...view middle of the document...

Karen Stout on Organizational Communication (Wood Chapter 12)
What can you do with a degree in organizational, Organizational communication, structure and process, networks, liasons, bridges, gossip, rumors, organizational culture, culture (nested), indicators of culture

**Dr. Helen Morgan Parmett on Media Communication ( Wood Chapter 14)
critical media studies definition, what is a critical perspective, what are the 4 components of critical media studies, industry, (regulation production and distribution), context (media messages and representation definition), Audience (consumption), New Media (convergence), why is reality tv popular now, content, Stuart Halls three theories of representation, intentional, reflective, constitutive, ideology, media audience effect hypodermic needle theory, cultivation theory, uses and gratification theory, encoding, decoding, negotiated reading, oppositional readings,

Jean Kilbourne - Killing Us Softy #4
(Video on 2 hour reserve under my name in library)
how many videos...

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