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Business Strategy Essay

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Global strategy and leadership
Topic 1
1 briefly outline the development of strategy
2. Examine some of the main concepts that inform our knowledge of strategy and leadership.
3. distinguish between the different approached to strategy
The rational approach(有时间顺序)eg. The evolutionary approach
The essential purpose of this approach is to assess the organization and its environment, achieve a fit between the two and, on the basis of this analysis, forecast and plan for the future. To maximize profit, organizations should position themselves in the markets to which they are best suited.
The example of rational approach is five forces (offers leaders a clear and precise methodology for ...view middle of the document...

4. Discuss the role of strategy process in managing the relationship between an organization and its environment
5. Describe the various levels or types of strategy and the links between them
6. Explain the concepts of strategic thinking and analysis

7 describe a range of approaches to leadership and attributes of effective leaders
8 outline the ethical responsibilities of leaders within an organization
Topic 2 understanding the external environment
1. define an industry and the value chain within which an organization operates
1) The industry is a group of organizations or business units producing close substitutes. When thinking of a specific about industry from the viewpoint of a specific organization, the definition of industry should also include a geographic element. This leads to tighter scoping of the analysis and clearer thinking about the organization’s real competitors.
2) The value chain for an industry comprises the business processes, people, organizations, technology and physical infrastructure that transform raw materials into intermediate and finished goods and services, which are offered and distributed to consumer to satisfy demand.
2. Assess an industry’s life cycle position
Start-up phrase
Growth phrase
Maturity phrase
Decline phrase
3. Summaries the industry’s historical performance to date as well as its key segments in terms of growth, profitability and competitiveness
Remote environment analysis:
TEMPLES(technology, economy, markets, politics, law, environment, society)
The majority of industry growth is a combination of population growth and price inflation, one or more of the factors shown in the TEMPLES model may have been very important in shaping growth to date and in shaping expected future growth.
Industry environment analysis
Five forces model is designed to explain why certain industries are more profitable than others.
(1) Threat of new entrants to the industry
Entry barriers include:
Industry size: small size may not attractive to new one
Economies of scale: the need for a large volume of production and sales to reach the cost level per unit of production for profitability is a barrier to entry.
Product differentiation: industries dominated by braded products are difficult to enter due to the large amount of time and money required to create a competing branded product.
Intellectual property: patents and other types of proprietary intellectual property are very effective in limiting industry entry
Capital requirements: a large capital investment per unit of output in facilities tends to limit industry entry
Switching costs: the tendency for buyers of industry’s products to be reticent about switching to a new supplier tends to limit entry.
Access to distribution channels: new entrants may have difficulty distributing their goods and services through established distribution channels as those have already been locked in by existing competitors ( kfs only supply Pepsi,...

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